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January 2008 Archive

  • A New Gameplan

    I was planning to pay the doctor a visit yesterday but I decided otherwise. You see, I was simply planning to bombard the doctor with all the unanswered questions in my head such as “What am I going to do now? I’m gaining weight by the second!” or “Why did you tell me to run [...]

  • On Missing The Bull Run

    The race was named after me (at least that’s what I’d like to think) so it was unfortunate that I missed it. How did you all do in “The Bull Run: Takbo Para sa Ekonomiya”? Ah, there were so many reasons why I wanted to be at this race: 1) It’s my namesake. 2) My [...]

  • Everything But A Run

    It’s been 10 miserable days since Clark—the race that ended with me limping my way back to the hotel. I initially thought the pain would go away by itself, like all the other times I pushed my body beyond its limits and found myself on the road again just a couple of days after, but [...]

  • Pinoy on Runner’s World

    Last Dec 2007, Patrick Concepcion, one of the most dedicated and generous runners I know, visited Boracay and enjoyed a beautiful run in its shores. A friend took his photo, which Patrick then sent to Runner’s World U.S.A and Australia. To his pleasant surprise, the Editor of Runner’s World Australia featured his photo and a [...]

  • Run For Your Life Ultramarathon

    After the success of their first 100km ultramarathon coinciding with the Milo marathon last year, they are at it again! I do hope you can support this honorable, strong, and fearless group of runners who are running from Banaue to Sagada (phew!) for the benefit of chronically-ill children of the Kythe Foundation. Click here and [...]