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What Are You Doing this Valentine’s?

So, what are you doing this Valentine’s Day?  

Please don’t tell me about your candlelit dinner by the bay nor the meal you plan to whip up for your partner;  I don’t care for that (although you could tell the hubby so he’d get some ideas.)  I’m more curious to find out how active, adventurous couples plan to spend Valentine’s Day, which lands perfectly on a Saturday—the best day for a romantic long run before the sun rises…aaaah, if only I could run long!

Last week, I got an email about Valentine’s Yoga Classes at Yoga Manila.  I thought it would be fun, doing pretzel poses and head stands with the hubby, so I enthusiastically asked him “Hey, you wanna do this?”  He barked back “No way!”  Well, it was worth a try.

A long run together would’ve been ideal, but I can’t run over 5k just yet.  Swimming is not a good idea too as hubby doesn’t enjoy it as much as I do.  We’ll probably end up biking as scheduled in my program.

After that, I’m thinking we could go to Clark to watch the Philippine Hot Air Balloon fiesta.  (Thanks to my siblings for the idea.)  No workout for us and I’m sure I’ll be drooling when I see the roads of Clark, but it should be fun.  Anyway, those balloons may serve as a perfect distraction to the long runs I’m missing.

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  • Idnod

    That’s 15K was, hoping for 24K but ran out of Gu

  • Idnod

    Just finished 15 heart shaped laps around the park.

    : ) with all my heart and sole (he he he)

  • RG

    Go to Clark and have a short run around the parade ground (2 loops = 4.6 km). I’d recommend dinner at C but Chef Chris said that they are fully booked on the 14th….. Hot Balloon Fiesta food will have to do….

    Great plan, RG. Enjoy :)

  • galeypie

    hi TBR! valentine’s agenda: run early in the AM, then pre-school family day. After that, a rockclimbing date w/ my hubby. Hope you have a fun valentine weekend!

    Now that’s my type of date. Have a great time, galeypie!

  • Runningfatboy

    I will be sleeping early for the race the next day! L-O-S-E-R! Haha

    I didn’t make it to Clark. I woke up late this morning and missed my planned bikeout. I can’t join the race tomorrow. How’s that for a loser? hahaha. Good luck in the race :)

  • marga

    Mickymac… BROMANCE IS IN THE AIR!!!!

    Hahahahaha! You said it! :)

  • banggigay

    sms me when you’re in clark na :-) we’re heading there tomorrow with my girl friends then head to zamba to surf on sunday :-) woot woot! kitakits sa clark!

    Saya naman! Have a good time, banggi!

  • cele

    hi TBR u might wanna bring ur bike sarap dun we’ll be doing our group ride from balagtas to clark tom

    Di natuloy eh. Thanks! :)

  • ibetlacbay

    i’ll be running on valentines day of course…hehehe. i’m planning to go a park here. who knows i may find a date there. ;)

    Naks naman. Don’t forget to put on your best running attire and a little bit of gel..haha

  • Janice

    Hey James! Thanks for the link up! So are you going to Clark?:)

    Argh. Nope, not tuloy.

  • mickymac

    I’m spending VDay with Hector and Don for a 40 km run in the morning…

    Aaaw. The best. Ang romantic naman ninyong tatlo. Say hi to the guys for me.

  • m8parco

    Injured spouse ko but we still might run.

    Coach Mark, papayagan mo pa din patakbuhin ang asawa mo? :)

  • cougcat

    Hey, if you go to Clark, you’d see me! We’re going there! :-)

    Huhuhu, we can’t go. Hubby has work to finish.

  • jeff

    i’m spending valentines at bellvue 20/20. not really known for their food or anything at all, but it is the only 5 star hotel in the south. what you’re paying for is the spectacular view of the laguna de bay =)

    i just hope that traffic would not that bad…

    Hey jeff, enjoy the view! I’m sure traffic won’t be that bad in the alabang area.

  • miraclecello

    Climbing Mount Pulog (2,935 metres above sea level, temperatures probably in the low single-digits) in my track singlet, tempo shorts and race bib. I wonder if PhotoVendo has a branch there :)

    Wow. Good luck and enjoy miraclecello. Hmmm…I’m sure Photovendo would be up for that challenge :)

  • rick gaston

    Hubby was smart. Yoga is hard!

    Well I fooled him into taking bikram a couple of weeks ago. He actually enjoyed it. I think he’s just fearful of the “valentine’s yoga” :)

  • marga

    Mare check your phone. I texted you something re: Hot Air Balloon

    Thanks marga!

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