9th Gabriel Symphony on 3 Sept 2011

Wednesday, 31 August 2011  |  Race Announcements

Backup_of_GSF Poster 2011

Gabriel Symphony stands out as one of the annual races that’s all heart. The atmosphere is filled with generosity, positivism, and unity to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs.

Now on its 9th year, the Gabriel’s Symphony 12Hour Multi-Sport Celebration in Memory of Gabriel raises funds for children with cleft lip and palate and those who are visually and hearing-impaired. They also help indigent children develop their potential, such as the children of Daang Hari and Marillac Hills, some of whom have shown potential as runners and athletes. Click HERE to read more about their advocacies.

For this year, the event will be held on Saturday, September 3 2011 at the Alabang Country Club. Activities include:

  1. One Hour Swim-a-thon
  2. One Hour Run-a-thon
  3. Two Hour Bike-a-thon
  4. Triathlon for Adults
  5. SuperTriKids Triathlon
  6. Mile Run Races: Buddy Run and Walk Your Dog

They will also have demonstration games by the Younghusband Football Academy and an Adventure Race for Daang Hari and Marillac Hills children.

Athletes are also invited to donate old shoes and singlets through the swimbikerun.ph booth and to bring old denims, old magazines and children’s books for the Recycling Depot Project.

To register:

  • Click HERE to visit the race website
  • Email blessings@gabrielsymphony.com

Rain and Earth Run

Wednesday, 31 August 2011  |  Race Reports

[27 Aug 2011, Saturday | 4 am]

I woke up to hear the wind howling and the rain hitting our rooftop. While bad weather never stopped our run group from doing our long runs, this Saturday was different. Most, if not all of us, had been sick, were sick, or were going to get sick if we ran under the rain. 21k LSD? Pffttt…cancelled. I hopped back into bed after eating my pre-LSD breakfast. Oh yes, I needed those 300 calories for the intense sleep workout.

[Saturday | 8 am to 4 pm]

My thought every hour or so: Crap, I never miss long runs due to rain. Never.

[Saturday | 5 pm]

I knew I was being bullheaded about this, but hey that’s me! I was hell-bent on running come hell or high water. So, like a soldier preparing for war, I put on my rain gear to keep me from getting sick: Nike rain jacket (last time used: Nike Hood to Coast in Oregon), old pair of KSwiss Kwicky Blade Lights with old Spenco insoles, ipod shuffle wrapped in plastic, and emergency money wrapped in plastic. Then, I set off for war…or more like a great running adventure.

I ran almost 10km alone from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. My pace for the first 4k was 5:20/km. The speed was gratifying. I felt like the past two weeks of training had worked its magic as I didn’t have to work as hard to hit my tempo pace. Then the hills came, then I lost my way, then the rain got so strong I seriously started to doubt my sanity. I slowed down to breathe, let go of all worries, and enjoyed the run with Mother Nature as my highly excitable running buddy.

[28 Aug 2011, Sunday | 4 am]

Once again, I woke up to hear the heavy downpour outside but, as I learned the day before, skipping runs for flimsy reasons (like, uhm, my health) was not very good for my psyche. So, I got up and ready for Earth Run. I was set to do a 5k (since I thought I was running long the day before) and the awarding of finishers for the program.

As I waited in the assembly area with Rico, a TBR Dream finisher who’s training for NYCM as well, I was still figuring out what distance I was gonna run. And, even when the gun was fired, I still had absolutely no clue!

Miraculously, the weather cleared just in time for the race. It was a cloudy day, just perfect for a run. I ran alongside the 21k runners in full speed but wondering all along what the hell I was doing there. I knew I couldn’t cover this distance unless I wanted race organizers to kill me for not showing up for the awarding. So, I just ran, and ran, and ran.

When the 21k runners hit Buendia, I went off course and headed back for the race start. I pulled out my race bib and officially pulled out of the race. I created my own course instead and tried to cover as much distance as I could. I ran for 1 hour and 3 minutes to cover over 11km. My pace was 5:47/km.

– Runners posing for the cam after the race –

– with Joel Andrada of Cherifer Premium, a co-presenter of Earth Run, along with 2nd Avenue –

– Met Babu and her dog who ran 10k (not in pic but she’s by our feet). Photo courtesy of Albert Imperial –

– Cherifer Premium girls. I am so tempted to give them shorts, pull their hair up in pony tails, and get them to start running 3k –

adobo Run After Dark – 29 October 2011

Saturday, 27 August 2011  |  Race Announcements

Running at night + beer + shopping + entertainment all on the long weekend of Halloween. What more could you ask for?! Gotta start training for this guys and ghouls!

Adobo Run 2011 poster rev6-1

adobo Run After Dark 2011 is a fantasy-themed run for an estimated 5,000 runners. This electrifying, one-of-a-kind event kicks off the Halloween-All Saints’-All Souls’ Day long weekend. After last year’s initial adobo Run After Dark, the organizers are ready to mount the 2nd edition with more pizzazz and surprises. There will be an after-run party with live music, free flowing beer, a sideline bazaar, spectacular performers (samba percussionists, poi dancers, fire breathers, carnival queens), fireworks display, dazzling lights show, and fantasy costumes.

What: adobo Run After Dark 2011
When: 29 October 2011
Where: Aseana Business Park, Bay City, Pasay-Paranaque (near MOA)
Race Categories: 15k, 5k, 3k Costume Run
Event Organizer: Crush Communications

Assembly Time: 7:00pm
Gunstart: 15K → 8:10pm | 5K → 8:20pm | 3K → 8:30pm


  • Click HERE to download registration form
  • Registration fee: P750 (all categories)
  • Registration Period: (may end earlier depending on availability)
    • Manual registration – Oct. 3 to 23, 2011 – Runnr Trinoma, Toby’s Megamall, R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street
    • On-line registration – Sep 1 to Oct 23, 2011 (delivery of race kits starts on Oct 3, 2011) – www.adoborun.runningmate.ph
  • Race Registration Inclusions: Race singlet, Runningmate Timing Chip, Bib Number, Finisher’s Certificate, Loot Bag, Party Stub, Finisher’s Medal (for top 500 15k & 5k runners, respectively)

Adobo Run 2011 Singlet design
– adobo run singlet design –

Adobo Run 2011 loot bag
– adobo run lootbag –

Adobo Run 2011 medal
– adobo run medal –

Adobo Run 2011 3k route
– 3k route –

Adobo Run 2011 5k route
– 5k route –

Adobo Run 2011 15k route
– 15k route –

Contact details:


Friday, 26 August 2011  |  Bullish Insights

I’ve been getting chills on and off for the past few days this week.  Every day I don’t quite feel 100% fine hence just 7k total mileage the past days and zero gym or swimming. Every evening, as we get into bed, I show the kids the goosebumps on my arms and beg them to turn the air conditioning down but they giggle and grin and head off to lala land while I freeze and sneeze and toss and turn with this cold that never really comes.  No surprise, I guess. They’re little bull runners, after all!

My plan is to completely disregard this cold-that-never-comes and run my long run tomorrow.  Sunday, I’ll go for a 5k recovery run at Earth Run where I hope and pray “recovery” would mean getting over sore muscles and this annoying cold.


This morning, as I was preparing for TBR Dream 2012 (yes, you all know plans are underway) I went through all the stories sent in by TBR Dream Marathoners 2011.  Woah, I got goosebumps from reading about how our little dream of a race had made such a significant impact in their lives.  Here are bits and pieces of some of the stories sent in…(To the runners who sent their stories in, thank you so much! I wasn’t able to reply to each one, but I surely will. Just give me time to sift through my Inbox!)

There is nowhere in the world where one runs a marathon in a more loving and nurturing environment than in the TBR DM. The pacers, the dream chasers, the hydration station attendants, the organizers, the fellow runners, the families, the onlookers, everyone was cheering at us and buoying our spirits up, as if our dream-come-true is theirs too. Some runners faltered along the way, labored painfully, grappled with injuries, struggled with each mile, but these people kept them on, pushed them literally…Each of us runners were facing our own bout but we moved as if we were one spirit, straining into one direction and wanting every comrade of the road to finish too. In the TBR DM, everyone who crosses the finish line is a winner and everyone who steps on the thin line that defines a marathoner owns the limelight to himself. There was no competition there, only a contest against oneself, and there, we conquered. And as we did, our families and friends and supporters roared and hugged and held because our victory became theirs. (For full story, click HERE.)

– Aisa Manlosa

Anton Badiola
I practically threw out any plans of targeting a particular finish time and just cherish every kilometer and enjoy the great company. We had a blast every time Coach Jim would pass us by with his motorcycle shouting loudly and egg us to move on. We would talk about how this year’s edition of TBR Marathon was setup from the Bull Sessions, Talks, Send-Off Party and the marathon itself. With all the exceptional things given to us by the TBR Team, it seemed like Jaymie paid us to do the marathon – it was just that good.

– Anton Badiola

TBR Dream Marathon 2011, race day… I describe it as one HELLISH experience but I don’t mind doing it all over again. There were a lot of emotions from the start, pains and soreness along the way, but crossing that finish line gave me and every participant an inexplicable feeling that would make one cry and smile at the same time. I’d like to thank Jaymie and the entire TBR Dream Team. TBR Dream Marathon is the best marathon setting anyone could ever ask for. We appreciate all the time, efforts, and sacrifices you’ve done in making this happen. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion with us. I pray to God that He may bless you abundantly for you to be able to continue this good deed and help more runners in the future.

– Mike Janeo

TEARS OF ELATED JOY.  That is how I would describe my feeling as I ran the last few hundred meters to the finish line.  The last few meters to the finish line just kept repeating in my mind, it was truly a EUPHORIC MOMENT for me. When Joy & I saw the sign 42K, she told me she will run ahead and she will see me at the finish line.  The moment she ran ahead of me I just could’nt stop running, I kept going and going and going and I was crying already.  Good thing I was wearing shades so my tears were not easily seen.  It was just me who crossed the finish line when I saw the TIMEX clock 6:48 (as I recall) so it was a glorious MOMENT indeed!  And you know what the BEST part was? Just a few steps near the finish line, my eldest son JAVIER approached me, HELD MY HAND and gave me a big smile and TOGETHER we crossed the finish line.  Then my youngest son, ENZO gave me hug and it was just a PERFECT moment.

All Dream Marathoners were acknowledged by the host as we crossed the finish line. I felt like a Hollywood star, cameras flashing and the host gave me a compliment that I still looked FRESH even after running the TOUGH 42K.  Then the TBR medal was placed on me and I surely felt like a REAL WINNER, whoohoohoo!!!

– Donna Gojo-Segunial

I’ve been treated like a “fragile being” by family and friends who cared about me — so many things I shouldn’t eat or do, just because I had asthma. When I was rushed to the ER and a doctor tells me my asthma was back (and with vengeance), I was told I can never take part in any endurance sport ever again — I was told I can never run. But finishing your marathon defied all odds. I was able to complete 42.2km even when they told me I could not. (Click HERE for full story)

– Gail Villanueva

To most serious runners, finishing a marathon in 7:51 may be something to scoff at. But I hold my head high. I, after all, finished! More than gunning for a faster time, it was the experience that mattered most. So all those tears were all about being surrounded by happy, shiny people who have nothing but my best interest in their hearts, thus making my first marathon worth running, despite the pain.

– Dittie Galang

I’m thinking of setting up a website just to hold all of the stories from TBR Dream Marathon.  For TBR Dream Alumni, it would be a great site to look back on.  And, for those who dream of something bigger in their lives, it would be a great place to draw inspiration from.  Soon!


1000 Runners for 1 Heart: A Run for Sofia Ysabel on 27 August 2011

Thursday, 25 August 2011  |  Race Announcements

I almost wept when I read this. I never met Sofia Ysabel’s mom but, as a mother myself, I could feel her pain…

You were in my arms as you peacefully took your last breath…

While the grief is great, your Dad and I are, in a sense, consoled/happy that it happened the way it did. That we were there during your final hours. That we got to hold and kiss you. That it happened peacefully. No hint of pain. It was like you were just sleeping through all the activity around you.

Excerpt from http://sofiaysabel.wordpress.com/

The running community is coming together to show their support for the Rosal family this coming Saturday, August 27, 2011 in a run called One Thousand Runners for One Heart: A Run for Sofia Ysabel. If you’re available and you would like to help, late registration will be available near the starting line near the fountain of the Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill.


Click HERE for the race website.  Visit its Facebook page HERE.

Here’s more information…

Three months ago, Sofia Ysabel Rosal was born with Down’s Syndrome and Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), a congenital heart disease. She has undergone dialysis to address kidney failure apart from the other tests and procedures that were regularly administered to keep her condition stable. But through all these, Sofia remained strong and steadfast in her will to live a full life with her family. Last July 23, Sofia’s battle finally came to an end. However short her life was, it was fully lived as she stood as an inspiration and a shining example of how one should face a life filled with seemingly insurmountable adversities.

Sofia’s strength and determination has inspired friends and family to put together a fund raising activity to support her family since the cost of her treatment had reached alarming heights. “One Thousand Runners for One Heart: A Run for Sofia Ysabel”, is a 3k and 5k fun run happening on August 27,2011 (6:00am) at the Venice Piazza , McKinley Hill, Taguig City.

Registration is now open at R.O.X Bonifacio High Street and The Brick Mckinley Hill. Registration for both 3k and 5k is Php 500 with the proceeds to be turnover to Sofia’s family. Part of the proceeds will be donated to charity benefiting patients with congenital heart disease. Professional runners, leisure runners, and first- time runners are all welcome to run, not to beat previous records but to be one of a thousand runners running or walking for Sofia , the little girl with a big brave heart.