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October 2011 Archive

  • Run with Me in NYC Marathon…in Spirit!

    Woah.  This is the coolest thing! ASICS launched the “Support Your Marathoner” system for the New York City Marathon next Sunday.  It will activate the RFID tag attached to runners’ shoes. As the runners run through the course, the tag will trigger special messages of love and cheer sent by friends, family, and supporters to [...]

  • TBR Dream Weight Management Program

    100 runners from TBR Dream Marathon 2012 get free consultation and sessions with Armand and Mitch Mendoza for the TBR Dream Weight Management Program. Please click HERE to download masterlist of 100 Runners for TBR DM Weight Management Program.  Expect an email from Mitch Felipe-Mendoza soon!  Congratulations!

  • Move! Share! And Inspire! @ MoveforMove.Org

    Their story, yours and mine — it’s what we all carry with us on this trip we take, and we owe it to each other to respect our stories and learn from them. —William Carlos Williams Each runner, each marathoner, has his or her own story to tell. And each story can inspire one, or [...]

  • adidas King of the Road 2011

    Before the recent running boom, adidas King of the Road was once one of the few most anticipated races in Manila.  It was a must run race because it stood out as one of the bigger, more organized events in Bonifacio Global City unlike the smaller races in Roxas Blvd. at that time. With bigger, [...]

  • 3 More Benefits to Being a TBR Dream Marathoner

    Aaah, the many benefits of being a TBR Dream Marathoner. We work hard to give our runners these privileges because we know they’ll work hard to finish their 42km come marathon day. Right guys? Allow me to share details of being a TBR Dream Marathoner. To those registered, please avail of these especially if you [...]