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04 Gear & Product Reviews Archive

  • Reebok’s Triple Launch: New FitHub, Brand Mark, and ZSeries Shoes!

    Before my obsession with running shoes even started in my 30’s, I was completely enthralled with my first ever pair of lifestyle shoes given to me by an Aunt from the US. It was a pair of high-cut, pastel-colored Reeboks. (Think Punky Brewster if you’re from my generation.) Needless to say, Reebok and I go [...]

  • Shoe Review: Adizero Adios Boost

    I received the Adizero Adios Boost from adidas’ Adrien Semblat a week before I was to bid Manila “adios” (ack, I’m so corny) for Tokyo Marathon.  I was itching to road test them, but I didn’t want to experiment with shoes before a marathon and, when I came home with discomfort in my knee, I [...]

  • New Gear: Garmin Vivofit

    Garmin recently announced the launch of Vívofit (veevo-fit) — a stylish, lightweight fitness band designed to turn good intentions into lifelong habits.  I haven’t seen one yet, but it seems to me that it’s very similar to Nike’s Fuel Band.  These products are geared more for the fitness enthusiast rather than the endurance athlete.  Methinks my [...]

  • New adidas Energy Boost Colorways

    Remember the limited black adidas Energy BOOST I wrote about last year? adidas has gone a long way since then with Energy Boost. Just last month, they unveiled new Energy BOOST colorways. Just to tell you about how Energy BOOST started, adidas and partner BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, developed BOOST foam cushioning that returns [...]

  • Running Belts: Carry Your Essentials While Running

    You’ve trained well for the upcoming race and you’ve got your brand spankin’ new apparel all laid out.  But, have you thought of how you’re going to carry your gels, car keys, and cash? Nope, I don’t think your new running shorts can hold all those in its hidden pockets.  And, don’t you know that [...]