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June 2007 Archive

  • 7 Days To Register For Adidas KOTR

    I registered for Adidas King of the Road 10k yesterday morning! If you haven’t signed up yet, drop by the RACE booth at the Vasquez Madrigal Building in Annapolis Street—quick. There is no deadline for registration, but slots may be filled up if you wait till race day. (See my List of Races for more [...]

  • Music on the Run

    When the running gets tough, the tough listen to power music. The tunes you put into your ipod or mp3 player play a vital part in motivating you to run longer in training run, faster in a race, or simply keep you from hanging in the towel before you even break a sweat. Conversely, choosing [...]

  • Attack of the Sniffles

    Here goes the SMS conversation I had with my coach this morning: Me: Hi Coach, do you think I can run today if I have cough and colds? Coach: Mam, no. Take lots of liquid, medicine, and rest. Pls advise when we can continue our run. Tnx and get well. Me: Oh, I was hoping [...]

  • My Running Schedule Gone Amuck

    I recall my perfect running schedule from May till mid-June and—with Whitney Houston singing “Didn’t We Almost Have It All?” in the background—I plunge into a deep dark hole of melancholy and sorrow for all that was—and what could have been. Perfect. That would be the only way to describe a schedule that flowed so [...]

  • My Training Diary

    In running, or any other sport for that matter, a training diary can be an athlete’s best friend. Real friends don’t fool you; they don’t lie; and they encourage you to do the best you can. A training diary will do that and more for a runner. Provided of course that you religiously record important [...]