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Tri-Clinic For Newbies

Found this in my inbox from Ige Lopez…

Tri Invite

The clinic is open to anyone who wants to try a TRIATHLON (swim, bike and run). Hey, that’s me! Very, very tempting.   What should I do next Saturday: long run or tri-clinic?  Decisions decisions!

  • bullrunner

    Marga, woooah! Can you take me for a spin in highstreet? Now, we can hunt down that maniac security guard haha

    Rick430, i was supposed to go. But, with this injury, I’ll have to wait for the next one :(

    Banggi, thanks! I’ll go go go next month! haha

    Tin, yup it’s hands on! Bring your running attire, swimsuit, bike, and everything else you think you’ll need.

  • tin

    was just wondering…what exactly do you need for the clinic?? im interested in trying it out but was kinda hoping the flyer could give more info…like what to expect for the clinic…is it hands on? are they gonna let you run, bike and swim or something hahaha… hope you can enlighten me on this one!

  • banggigay

    GO GO the Bullrunner! :-) you now i’m a believer! hahah!

  • rick430

    oooo are you gonna go? Triathlons are a lot of fun.

  • Brent

    Jaymie, your goal in your first tri should be to finish and have fun. Enjoy!

  • marga

    Haha! Yeah, I intend to get into motocross and motorcycle road racing. Am thinking of getting myself a nice motorcycle by christmas. Wheee!

  • bullrunner

    Levy, triathlete ka pala?! Hopefully I do get to try it soon.

    Marga, shucks, I was planning to drag you with me. As if you’d have to be dragged! Off-road motoring? Why am I not surprised you’d get into this?! :)

    Brent, can you be my happy feet mentor? :)

    Jamike, I’ve been trying to convince Mayi to run the marathon but so far it hasn’t worked. Hahaha. I hope she falls for triathlon so we can be newbies at this together. Calling Mayi! I hope you’re reading this hahaha.

  • TRY-Athlete

    GO Jaymie. It’s actually more addicting than running! Go for it. I’m always looking for training partners (that’s when I’m fully recovered, ay naku!). Then, you can help me convince Mayi to take it up as well. hahahaha :D.

  • Brent

    Go for it!

  • marga

    i want to but i’ll be in baler for surfing and off-road motoring. YARGHHH!

  • Levy

    i was hoping you’d get into triathlon soon :) try it out, masaya ito. offers a well-rounded cardiovascular exercise for an endurance athlete like yourself.

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