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Condura Race Results

Click below for your official time at yesterday’s Condura Race:

Condura 10k

Condura 5k

Condura 3k

Thanks Patrick! 

  • Michael Marozzi

    I was wondering why my name and time was not on the results?

    Thank you

  • Stefan


    any news regarding the 21k results???

    Thanks and greetings from Negros

  • ritchie.alava

    that’s ok, top20 naman! ako naman 18th sa 10k, there was even a senior citizen in the top10.

  • jasonxxx

    im top 20 in 5k category…but i was shy because i losed to a 10 year old girl..

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  • kingofpots

    TBR, thanks for the results..#78 out of 478 finishers in the 10K race, not bad! pls find time also to join us in the DND-AFP Half-Marathon, as spectator or participant. see you!

  • Stefan


    sorry, in my excitement I did not not the results listed here are about the 2008 race… ;) So will need to wait a bit longer for this years’ results.


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