Coming Soon: TNF 100 at Clark

Saturday, 28 February 2009  |  Race Announcements

Oh boy, I want to join this!  More info to follow soon…

tnf 100 teaser_BLACK_SACOBIA

To Doc Fit or Not

Saturday, 28 February 2009  |  Bullish Insights

Should I run or not?  I’m registered for Doc Fit 10k tomorrow and I’m still undecided about showing up.

Let’s see.  Since January, I’ve sought the advice of two of the more popular ortho surgeons, two acupuncturists, and a great PT.  All have advised me to CONTINUE RUNNING, with a matching reassuring look whenever I ask “Are you sure?”  Yes, they’ve said the Runner’s Knee/ITBS problem is a muscle imbalance that will disappear with stretching and strengthening.  In the meantime, they advise me to continuing training especially, as my PT advises, if I want to run well for Condura Half.  (Talk about pressure!)

Then, there is Runner’s World.  If you browse through the articles and forums (which is, uhm, a daily habit for me), almost everyone will tell you to REST if you want to fully recover from ITBS.  I also have a well-informed and super helpful runner friend, Alvin, who is not just a marathoner, but one who did it after recovering from ITBS.  He knows his stuff and he’s been telling me to REST, REST, REST.  He said that over and over even when he caught me running at Bonifacio High Street last Thursday.  (He knew I was on a secret two-week hiatus from running, which I failed because I gave up on the 9th day!)

What to do?!  Why the conflicting tips?!  Times like this, all I can believe in is Dean Karnazes.  He was right in saying: “Listen to everyone.  Follow no one.”

At the end of the day, a runner can only listen to one’s body and decide from there.  So, I shall remain silent for the rest of the day, patiently waiting for my tight thighs and misaligned kneecap to tell me if they want to join Doc Fit tomorrow.  They better decide soon because there are only a few hours left in the day.

See you if I see you!

Injuries are Nothing

Wednesday, 25 February 2009  |  Bullish Insights

For the past three months, I have spent huge amounts of time wallowing in frustration, anger, depression and self-pity over this ITBS injury.  For an addicted runner, there’s nothing like a stubborn injury to give you the blues.  

This morning, as I was massaging my tight ITB, my sister calls to deliver the horrible and disturbing news. I learn about Amiel Alcantara, the 4th grader from Ateneo, who passes away after a tragic accident at school yesterday.  I was close to tears over the sudden death of this boy and I could only imagine the anguish that his parents must be going through.  I realized that it could have been my son, or my daughter, or any other parent driving.  And, I realized how everything in life is fleeting, how in the snap of a finger, your life could change in an instant.

Amid all those thoughts and emotions, I receive an SMS from my friend, Jun, asking this: How’s your knee?

My kneecap was still bothersome, but suddenly it didn’t matter at all.   What was level 2 pain (as we like to rate our injuries from 1-10, 10 being hellish) after hearing about the death of a child?  How can one complain about a tight ITB or a slow 5k run last night when there are parents who will never see their child again? 

All I wanted to do at that point was to thank God for my husband and kids, for work, for the cup of coffee I was drinking, for the ability to run, and for life itself.  Injuries are but a speck of dust in the larger scheme of things.

TBR in Sunday Inquirer Magazine

Sunday, 22 February 2009  |  Press

Guess who’s on today’s issue of Sunday Inquirer Magazine?

The article below is about how I successfully recruited hubby into the world of addictive running. Er, I mean, how running has become a part of our lives. Thanks to Joy Rojas (yes, of Takbong Pangarap fame) for the wonderful article…

Inquirer2 001

The next article is about the 9 top running routes and 5 bloggers/websites, namely Ben,, Running Shield, Bald Runner, and TBR. Thanks to Leica Carpo for the feature!

Inquirer1 001

Congrats to good friend Ben Chan (Photovendo) whose photos practically filled the entire magazine!

Takbong Pangarap: Trans-USA Run 2009

Friday, 20 February 2009  |  News + Promos


Her ultimate dream was to run across the Philippines.  In 2005, Joy Rojas accomplished this after running 2000km in 46 days from Mindanao to Luzon.  She was the first woman to run across the country.

She said that this achievement made her feel alive.  It compelled her to visit more places, do more things, and set out for even more dreams.

On May 11, 2009, Joy’s 44th birthday, she will embark on yet another dream run: Takbong Pangarap, a run across America, from California to New York in 120 days.  She’ll be running roughly 50km everyday for 100 days with only 20 days for rest.  Most of the time she’ll be running alone, accompanied only by a small support crew, Mat Macabe, her running partner and trainer, and Chuck Crisanto, her coordinator.  By doing this, Joy hopes to share this message: that there is no limit to the Filipino spirit and that all dreams can be accomplished through hard work and determination.

If Joy completes her run across America, she will be the first Filipina and South East Asian woman to do so.


I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Takbong Pangarap press launch at Manila Peninsula yesterday morning.

– with Takbong Pangarap Team: Chuck Crisanto, Joy Rojas, & Mat Macabe – 

It wasn’t the first time I ever met Joy.  Over a decade ago, I used to see her running around Bel-Air village.  I had no clue who she was, but I remember thinking that she was such a tiny girl but she seemed so strong.  Last year, I read about her plans for Takbong Pangarap and wrote about it here.  As luck would have it, a couple of weeks ago, Joy and I met and I learned that Takbong Pangarap was finally pushing through.

So, there I was at the press launch, seated right beside Joy Rojas herself.  I was awestruck.  We talked about how prepared she was for this, how many shoes she was bringing (12 pairs!), her favorite shoe (Adidas), her marathon PR (4:11) and, just as she was about to be called for her speech, how nervous she was about talking in public.

As she talked, all I could think of was this:  Wow, I am so jealous.  I want to do what she’s doing!  It may not be my dream to run across America (at least, not yet!), but it’s my dream to go after my goals as aggressively and courageously as she does.  


Takbong Pangarap, Trans-USA 2009, will raise funds for the Philippine Heart Center and the anti-tuberculosis program of the Inner Wheel Club of QC District 378.  Here’s how you can help:

  1. Sponsor or pledge.  Call Buensalido & Associates at 817-4471 or Chuck Crisanto at 0917-898-3621
  2. For Pinoys in the US, run a few kilometers with Joy for moral support. According to Chuck, they are hoping that Pinoy runners in New York (calling Mike Mesina and Jud) can accompany Joy in the last 20km of her run. This will be on Sept. 8, around 1 p.m., starting at the foot of George Washington bridge until Joy crosses the finish line at the Philippine Consulate around 3 p.m.  For inquiries, email
  3. Buy these patriotic Coach shirts.  A portion of the proceeds goes to Takbong Pangarap.  For more info, call Chuck Crisanto at 0917-898-3621.
  4. IMG_0573

    – I love this shirt! –