Full House for Running Aid 4 at ROX

Thursday, 30 April 2009  |  Bullish Insights

Despite the lack of sleep and looming work deadline, I found myself at R.O.X. last night to attend the 4th Running Aid organized by the Pinoy Ultra Runners.  


– The place was packed! –

– Attendees got free The Bull Runner Magazines…well, at least, the early ones! –

The success of the Running Aid series never fails to amaze me.  Each session is bigger than the last with over 150 people present last night vs. the first talk’s 15 attendees.  The entire floor area was filled with people, so I found my own balcony seat on the 2nd floor stairway along with a few other runners.  (TBR idea: Maybe they should do Running Aid 5 in a movie house next time complete with popcorn, cotton candy, and of course, Cheetos Jalapeno. What say you, Neville?)


– Special balcony seats –

The first speaker, Dr. Paolo Punsalan, gave a comprehensive talk on training programs, which was very informative even for a voracious running reader like me.  He discussed the different types of workouts (LSD, intervals, tempo runs, etc.), training using your heart rate, and even showed a sample marathon training program.  Great job, Doc Pao.

The next speakers were husband and wife team, Al and Joie Viado, Pinoy Ultra Runners and fitness instructors.  Actually, it was Joie who did all the talking while Al  demonstrated the exercises for core strengthening.  It was a dynamic talk, a lot of laughing, movement, and sweat (well, at least for Al who followed every single order of Joie—now that’s a husband for you!)

Once again, congratulations to the Pinoy Ultra Runners for another successful event.  Looking forward to the next one!

– Nice to see good friends Marga, Ben, and Jun there!  They don’t look like they’re listening though –

Carboload for Botak Marathon at Paul Calvin’s Deli

Thursday, 30 April 2009  |  Race Announcements


Who’s running the Botak Marathon on May 10? You may want to drop by Paul Calvin’s Deli on the Thursday before the race to eat to your heart’s delight along with other marathoners. Just make sure you do show up for the race on Sunday to burn all that rice and pasta away!

Best Day Ever

Sunday, 26 April 2009  |  Bullish Insights

For the past week, the kids have been singing (or more like screaming) Spongebob’s Best Day Ever song in the car.  I have been fortunate enough to play a mini part in their duet as the background singer.  On cue, I must sing “best day ever” whenever my son points at me.  Disappointingly, I have been told by our very own Simon Cowell that, many a times, I am out of tune.

Whether I am a good singer or not, I think the positive vibe of the song has spilled on over to my running.  Yesterday morning’s run with the hubby at Filinvest, near Palm’s Country Club, was one of the best days ever in my running life this year.  Finally, I got to run 5k on the road without any hint of pain.  I’m definitely on the road to full recovery.

Two things I believe that contributed to the injure-free run: 

1. Regular deep tissue massage – I’ve been getting deep tissue massages at least twice a week for over two months now.  If my muscles feel tight, I’ll have an extra session.  Yes, it’s a hellish kind of experience; I sweat with the mere thought of my muscles being squeezed like clay, but it’s the main reason why my ITB disappeared completely since Condura Race.

2. Midfoot landing – I’ve been focusing on my form lately, making sure I land on my midfoot and leaning a little forward.  A reader from this blog and Boston Marathon finisher, Raffy, also noticed that I may be overstriding and I think he’s absolutely right.  I’ve watched the Chi Running video and that’s what I’ve been trying to practice. (Note to self: watch the video again!) This Newton video also helped a lot. (Thanks to Toby and Alvin who both, by sheer coincidence, mentioned this video last week. I had seen it months ago and completely forgot about it.)

Next step: Gradually build mileage again. It won’t hurt to run an easy 5k at The Southern Run too, right?

One Happy Winner

Friday, 24 April 2009  |  Race Announcements

The winner of TBR’s Guess the Cover contest, Joms Paras of Happy Feet, claimed his prize from me last night at Bonifacio High Street.  I presented to him his new Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ (woohoo, what a beauty) which came fresh out of the box when I picked it up at the Nike head office plus Paul Calvin’s deli gift certificates worth P500.  Congratulations again, Joms!


Don’t you just love these contests?  It’s time for another one next week.  Stay tuned.

Thank you very much to Tony Atayde of Nike Philippines and Jay Em of Paul Calvin’s Deli.

My Birthday Wish List (Part 2)

Thursday, 23 April 2009  |  Gear + Gadgets

To continue my never-ending, ever-growing wish list of running items…(see My Birthday Wish List Part 1 for No. 1)

2. Crocs Prepair for athletes

What you wear after or before a run is just as important as your running shoes, especially for flat-footed people like me. My doctor told me to avoid wearing flat slippers all day so I’m forever in rubber shoes lately. I think these Crocs were made for me.


– reduces muscle fatigue
– aids in recovery
– reduces strain on your body
– more arch support

Read more about it in Crocs’ blog.

3. New ipod Shuffle 4GB

It’s only 1.8 inches tall; this baby won’t bother me during a run—so unlike the nano I used to strap on my arm.  It’ll also carry more songs than my current 2GB shuffle.  I want! 


Click here to visit mac site.

4. Vibram Five Fingers

With all my crazy injuries mainly caused by my collapsing arch, I have been reading about the benefits of barefoot running.  Doctors I’ve asked have responded differently: some are completely against it, others are so-so, while a running-doctor I know practices it often (Hi Doc Paolo of Pinoy Ultra Runners!)  While I do want to try it on grass, I’m afraid of any new injuries I may get from stepping on nails, insects, or worse a snake (talk about wild imagination, eh?)  So, I think the VFF will give me my much desired protection from the ground.


Click here to visit Vibram Five Fingers site.

5. Skins/ CW-X/ 2XU

Any brand of compression tights will do for me! I have one pair of Skins and I used it at Condura. Woah, it blew me away. It kept my muscles tight (leading to the good behaviour of my ITB and knee during the race) and, much to my pleasant surprise, it was breathable and light. It didn’t get soaked in sweat but actually dried quickly. I heard that it’s good to have another pair to use AFTER a race to aid in muscle recovery. I agree—the more, the merrier!

Photo from Skins.net

– enhanced circulation
– faster muscle recovery
– moisture wicking
– reduces the build up of lactic acid

Read more on:

5. Nike Night Vest

For running at night, this vest has reflective panels to keep you visible to motorists.  I tried it at Nike Bonifacio High Street and it’s lightweight and comfortable. Retail price: P495. 

Note to hubby: this is NOT a stand-alone gift; it must be purchased along with other items on the list.


For now, this is it.  But, knowing me, I may just come out with Birthday Wish List 3.  I hope hubby’s ready for it.