Smart Sports on Subic International Marathon

Friday, 30 October 2009  |  Race Announcements

Smart Sports issued a statement regarding the recently held Subic International Marathon below…


At the outset, we at Smart Sports would like to extend our congratulations to all the runners, most especially to the marathoners of the recently concluded Subic International Marathon 2009. However, it has come to our attention the numerous comments of the participants of SIM 2009 regarding the technical aspect of the race and if there are shortcomings we will make it a point to discuss this with the race organizers. Rest assured to the running community that all these comments, feedbacks and suggestions are carefully being reviewed and will be kept as reference for other marathons Smart will be supporting.

Allow us to take this opportunity to share with the running community the reasons why Smart Sports decided to support SIM:

1. We are a sponsor. Much the same way we will be when we sponsor other marathons

2. We believe in the transformational advocacy of the Philippine National Police through its program director Ret. Gen. Sam Tucay and Chief PNP Jesus Verzosa

3. We realize that through SIM, we will be able to identify Filipino runners that can represent the country in international races. Kudos to the only 2 Filipinos (Hernanie Sore and Alquin Bolivar) to make it in the top ten who gave every ounce of willpower for flag and country

4. We simply want to promote a sport where hundreds and thousands of passionate Filipinos love

5. Sports tourism: to showcase the beauty of the Philippines. Particularly the beauty of SCTEX and Subic Bay

Since Smart Sports has committed to support Philippine marathon in the long run, we ask for the running community’s understanding and patience as Smart is very new to this. Smart has already pledged to support several international marathons for 2010 and we assure the running community that through partnerships with seasoned race organizers, we will make these marathons enjoyable and memorable which running enthusiasts (both local and foreign) can look forward to each year.

Smart – we’re helping sports… we’re helping running…

Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat!

Patrick “Pato” Gregorio
Head – Smart Sports

For comments and suggestions please email project officer Anton Almeda at

Missing Dad

Friday, 30 October 2009  |  Bullish Insights

It was one year ago from this day when my Dad passed away in his sleep. Those days, I ran as much as I could to deal with the pain—and also to celebrate his life.


Memories of him started flooding back the past few days. He worried a lot about my running. I still remember how, after each Sunday race, he would tell me “Running is bad for your knees.” and I would nod my head, but laugh it off in my head. There was no point in arguing with Dad.  And, seeing how much weight I had lost, he would always remind me to eat more; sometimes, he would even drop more food unto my plate.  Despite his concerns, he knew me well enough to know that he couldn’t stop me from pursuing my passions—whether it was art, choice of career, or running.  This man knew he had a bull for a daughter, yet he gave her wings to fly.

So many memories, so many days since I last saw him.  I miss him terribly.  

Today, I woke up in desperate need of a run.  But, plan was for the gym in the morning and the rest of the day with the family to hear mass and visit Dad at the cemetery.  I’ll have to wait till Sunday for my long run. A slow and easy 25km for Dad.  A run to relieve the pain of missing him, to tell him he is always in my thoughts and prayers, and to honor and celebrate his life.

And the Winners of the Second Wind Singlets are…

Friday, 30 October 2009  |  Race Announcements


The first three correct guessers for the location of the 2nd Second Wind branch win brand spankin’ new Second Wind singlets.  And the winners are…

  1. Running Safety Pin
  2. Lauren
  3. Ronald

We also have an additional singlet for Javy O. aka Robocop (Positive Split) who guessed the correct location even before the contest was announced! 

The winners’ answers were: ORTIGAS AREA for the location of Second Wind’s next branch.  

Others had guessed Alabang, Bonifacio High Street, SM Mall of Asia and more.  I hope Hector takes a long look at that list and considers all of them for his next branches…most especially the South!

Congratulations, guys! I’ll email you directly to inform you how to claim your prizes.

11.14.09: Secondwind to Open a 2nd Branch. Guess Where!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009  |  Race Announcements

Remember this? Now, Secondwind is ready to reveal a little bit more. Here’s a message from them:

On March 28, 2009, Secondwind opened its doors in Teachers Village to serve the running community.  The Philippines’ first running specialty store for runners, by runners.  Our vision, to provide authentic service to runners, by fellow runners; to provide a venue where runners, can meet up and be with other fellow runners.  We were overwhelmed with the support of the running community – never did we expect this.  Never did we expect also that our small little project would eventually be a first.    


Now we’re blessed with another opportunity to serve the running community once again.  On November 14, 2009, we’re opening another Secondwind shop soon which is south bound from where we first opened or positioned in a more central location in the metro.  

RUNNING SOON: 11.14.09 twelve noon, mark the date.

Now, can you guess where the new Secondwind branch will be? First three who get it right will win a Secondwind Singlet. Just send your answer by commenting below. Contest ends October 30, 2009, 12 noon. Go go go!

* Clue: Photo above shows the store under construction. 

2009 Adidas King of the Road

Tuesday, 27 October 2009  |  Race Reports


Overall rating (10 highest): 8
Organizer: Rudy Biscocho


• Organized start and finish.
• Nice singlets.
• Race started on time.
• Ample water and Gatorade stations.
• Festive race atmosphere with booths, fans, and food.

• Typical race route.
• Slow refill of water cups at stations (but no biggie!)
• Inconvenient and chaotic race packet redemption.

The Adidas King of the Road has always been one of the must-run races on most serious runners’ lists the past years. The Adidas KOTR for 2009, last Sunday, only solidified its reputation as one of the most consistent and best organized races held in Manila.

Over 8,000 runners showed up at Bonifacio High Street last Sunday, majority of whom donned the scintillating yellow Adidas singlet. Despite the large population of runners, the assembly area was void of confusion or crowding; there were clear directions for check-in, enough restrooms at BHS to accommodate everyone, and the atmosphere was festive yet organized.

The race itself was clean and simple enough for runners to simply focus on enjoying the run. Water and Gatorade were overflowing and the course was safe from traffic and pollution.

Congratulations to Adidas and Mr. Rudy Biscocho for giving runners another wonderful race. Until next year!


– Adidas KOTR race start –


I knew I wouldn’t be able to get up that morning. We arrived from Subic at 11 p.m., slept at 1 a.m. and woke up dizzily at 4 a.m. I registered for 21k but I was in no shape to run one. Yawn. By the time we arrived at Bonifacio High Street, I saw the 21k runners pass us by while we were still looking for parking. Wow, it was an amazing sight. Instantly, I was jolted out of my zombie state and was all set to run.

Hubby and I were together from beginning to end. We planned for an easy pace (not that there was any other choice given that we were tired from the run the night before.) The start of the race was vibrant and exciting. Runners cheered and counted down to the start of the 10k race.


Our run was just a pleasurable 10k run all the way. The race route was familiar so there were absolutely no surprises along the way, except for friends who we bumped into on the road, such as Toby of Runnr who startled us from behind, or Vince of Finish Line who silently crept up and ran by my side.

It was nice to see the 21k runners heading back as we 10k runners made our way towards Buendia: Ani de Leon in 3rd place and full race mode and several Subic International Marathon Finishers such as Mari, Lester, and Charlie.


As we neared the finish, I increased the pace and ended the run at 59 minutes. No pressures, no rush, all fun!



– with Ironwoman Ani de Leon –

– with Tanya Lara, Vimz, hubby, and Bobby –

– with Team Hardcore peeps: Margaret, Lester and Mari –

* Thanks to Paolo Sauler for the race start photo.