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November 2009 Archive

  • 2009 New Balance Power Run Raising Hope

    The New Balance Power Race 2009 was a well-organized race as expected from most races staged by ExTribe. The highlight of the race was the challenging 21k course…

  • Secondwind Christmas Registry

    Registration at Secondwind Running Store is now open, not for a race, but for Christmas gifts! Even better, right?

  • Shoes I Wear When I am NOT Running

    There’s all this talk about choosing the right shoe for running. But, what do you wear when you’re NOT running? Most runners don’t realize that their everyday shoe plays a big part in the health of their feet…

  • Del Monte Fit ‘n Right

    This race could’ve been called the Del Monte Late ‘n Wait race. For the almost 5,000 runners who registered for this race, there was a lot of waiting…

  • I’m Still Alive…But My Laptop Isn’t

    My beloved laptop decided to shut down over the weekend. And, since then, life has been stressful with work left undone, blog posts unpublished, and uhm facebook accounts left unchecked.