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July 2011 Archive

  • Do You Believe in Second Chances?

    I certainly do. And, it turns out, so does Gatorade. The good people at Gatorade are giving me the chance to run my dream marathon…again. Hopefully, this time, I get to run it exactly the way I want it. No more tripping over Disneyland sidewalks (grrr!), pre-race sightseeing, and last but not the least freezing [...]

  • Runner’s World: Training Secrets from a Pamplona Bull

    This is hilarious. Being the bull that I am, I just had to repost this interview of my fellow bull by my favorite running resource, Runner’s World.  Read it and laugh! Click HERE to read the full article on

  • Mommy Milkshake Marathon 2011

    For those of you who’ve been reading this blog since it started in 2007, you know that I’m a big fan of Mommy Milkshake Marathon. There hasn’t been a year when I missed this fun run.  Why? Here are the reasons: It’s fun!  My kids always look forward to this race.  TBR Jr. loves running [...]

  • Little Boy No More

    We took TBR Jr. shoe shopping today. My 10-year-old has grown so fast the past few months that I pretend cry to him every weekend: I don’t have a baby boy anymore! We dropped by Mizuno Magallanes this afternoon and I had the shock of my life: TBR Jr. can now shop at the Men’s [...]

  • One of the Scariest Experiences of my Life

    How many times have you received forwarded emails about the new modus operandi of some gang in the metro?  Most of the time, you remind yourself to practice caution but you never even think that it could happen to you. It happened to me in broad daylight earlier this morning. After an easy run and [...]