5 Tips for Runners Considering Triathlon (and Win Enervon HP Products)

Thursday, 31 May 2012  |  Running + Triathlon

Here are learnings I’ve gathered during my past triathlons and during my tri training the past months. Just a few tips from this humble runner hoping to finish Ironman 70.3 alive (You may say a silent prayer for me now):

1. SET A GOAL RACE. Choose a triathlon event, preferably a short distance such as mini sprint or sprint (so as not to cause too much unnecessary stress because wearing a trisuit puts enough strain on your heart), and give yourself reasonable time to train for it.

My Experience: In 2008, I chose Animo Mini Sprint to jumpstart my tri training. This motivated me to take Total Immersion lessons with Nonoy Basa and, um, ride around the village in my husband’s mountain bike. (Phew remind me never to try that stunt again.) In 2009, I signed up for the same race just to get me to start swimming and biking again since I slacked off in 2008. You see, I realized that, at least for runner like me, the only time I really swam and rode my bike was when I had a triathlon event coming up. Otherwise, I could go out daily and just do the one thing that I truly love: running.

– at Animo Triathlon 2009. 2nd Place female overall. Boy was I lucky! haha –

2. GET A COACH. Triathlon requires training in three different disciplines (duh) all throughout the week. To make the most efficient use of your time training, get a coach who can customize your program according to your fitness level, personality, and lifestyle.

My Experience: Triathlon training is no joke. If you’re a busy working mom like me, every single minute of your training counts because that’s time away from the kids and work. I work with Coach Andy Leuterio who sets my program for the week. He gives me 9 sessions from Tuesday to Sunday with Monday as rest day. 4 out of the 9 sessions are key sessions meaning they cannot be missed. The rest are flexible depending on all the other things that go on in my life.

3. ASK ALL THE DUMB QUESTIONS YOU WANT. Sure, you know everything about running already. But, when you get into swimming, there are so many things to learn about technique. Oh, and don’t get me started with bike parts!

My Experience: You can pore over triathlon books, magazines, and websites as long as you want (as you well should), but it’ll save you time (and money) if you just meet triathletes and coaches in the community who can easily and generously share practical tips and information about the sport. What ring should I use: big or small?  Do you wear underwear beneath that trisuit?  When does my butt stop hurting?  Yes, I’ve asked all of those questions. I’m sure you can think of more dumb questions too!

4. REST AND RECOVER. For most enthusiastic beginners, it’s easy to swim, bike, and run as much as you want. But, you do need at least a day of rest (even if you feel great) and give your body time to recover for a quality workout the following day.

My Experience: As a runner, I’m used to feeling like my body, especially my legs, have gone through a pounding after a long run or speedwork. But, after a swim or ride, I would be exhausted but my body would feel fresh again after a nap or a couple of hours rest. I had to remind myself that the workout was enough and that it was better to rest than tire myself out. Besides, “No pain, No gain” is so 80’s, dontcha think?

Another thing: With running, I could get away with munching on junk or eating too little after a workout. With triathlon, what you eat, especially after a workout, affects the quality of your workout the following day. The first few weeks of tri training, I was often spent at the beginning of a workout. I would often beg my swim coach: “Take it easy on me, Coach, I ran 10k last night!” But, when I started drinking my recovery drink, Enervon HP  (since it’s low in fat, provides lots of protein, and tastes like my favorite chocolate milk unlike the crappy recovery drinks I’ve tried), I felt a huge difference the following day. Huge! Now, there’s no day when I don’t take Enervon HP after a workout.

5. LEARN TO SAY: “SO WHAT?!” It’s easy to get intimidated by lean and fast triathletes with their shiny bikes and sockless running shoes. But, it’s important to just take your time learning each new skill, giving your best, and going at your own pace. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner), you can add the word “triathlon” next to “running” in your list of sports.

My Experience: When I tried on my first trisuit in 2008, I looked in the mirror and the post-2-kids belly staring back at me and said: “So what?!” When I had to pause after each 50meter lap just to catch my breath (and occasionally attempt to cough out the chlorinated water I swallowed) at my first triathlon, I said “So what?!” When I crashed in the intersection at Madrigal Avenue and had what I felt were a million eyes staring at me, I said “So what?!” Point is: Give 100% and more of what you’ve got to give at each and every sport. (This doesn’t make it 300% does it?) Get fast, and strong, and sturdy emotionally and physically as you train longer and farther. And, last but not the least, have fun while you’re doing so. That’s all that matters.

– Animo Triathlon 2009. Photo courtesy of hotshot.com –


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1 tip or lesson you’ve learned about running or triathlon that you would like to share with someone who wants to get into running or triathlon.

Include the following info:
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UPDATE: Congratulations to Jonard Aries Gamboa for winning! Please expect an email from me!

Brooks Run Happy 2 on 3 June 2012: Win Race Kits Now!

Monday, 28 May 2012  |  Race Announcements

Brooks Run Happy 2 is set on June 3 at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig!


Registration Fee: P500 (6K), P650 (12K), P750 (21K)

Race Kit Inclusions & Privileges:
– Brooks Limited Edition Singlet
– Race Bib with barcode
– Race Map
– Baggage Deposit Service
– FREE GU gel for 12k, & 21k runners
– FREE Bananas for all 12K & 21k runners

– Brooks Run Happy 2 Singlet. Nice! –

Race Organizer: Without Limits + Pro Active

Great Treats & Surprises:
– Interactive Booths for families & kids – sports games, inflatables, photo booth & more
– Booth Exhibit from top running brands. Enjoy up to 50% off on selected Brooks running items during that day!
– Video Gait Analysis
– FREEBIES & RAFFLE PRIZES from our generous sponsors



Register at:
– B3, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig
– 2F Trinoma Mall, Quezon City
– 2F New Wing, Alabang Town Center
B. Toby’s Sports
– GF Shangri-La Plaza
– GF SM Mall of Asia
– 3F SM North The Block
– 3F Glorietta 4


Download registration form HERE.

Then Deposit Fee at:
Bank Name: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Account Type: Peso Savings
Account No: 3933-0339-36
Account Name: Sports Resources, Inc.
Email/ fax deposit slip to together with your printed registration form with the waiver signed; or fax to (02) 651-7750 email to Roldan.macasaquit@tobys.com

Online registrants may claim their race kits at a nearby RUNNR/ Toby’s outlets or may claim them a day before at RUNNR Bonifacio High Street.

Registration Deadline: May 27

Assembly / Gun Time
21k – 4:00 am / 4:30 am
12k – 4:45 am / 5:30 am
6k – 4:45 am / 5:40 am


Champion / 1st Place / 2nd Place
21 K – P10,000 / P7,500 / P5,000
12K – P7,500 / P5,000 / P3,000
6K – P5,000 / P3,000 / P2,000

* Aside from cash prizes, winners will receive special awards and other prizes
* Only 21k finishers will receive limited edition Finisher’s medal

medal 2

21k Course

12k Course
12 k

6k Course

For inquiries and updates, check out the Facebook page of Brooks (Brooks Running Philippines) or call Brooks hotline at 0927-875-6671.


Now, for the best part, get a chance to win one of three race kits to Brooks Run Happy 2.  Distance of your choice!


1) Like Brooks Running Philippines on FB
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Include the following info:
– Your complete name
– Your username on FB
– Your preferred distance for the race

1) Deadline for submission of entries: MONDAY, May 28, 2012 at 11:59 p.m.
2) TBR will choose top 3 best answers among the first 30 submissions.  Each winner will win 1 race kit to Brooks Run Happy 2, distance of his or her choice.
3) Winners must comply with contest rules providing complete information within the contest period.
4) Only one entry per runner. Submission of more than one entry leads to disqualification.
5) All entries will be moderated and will be approved upon closing of the contest.
6) Winner will be announced notified via email on how to claim the prize.

UPDATE: Congrats to the winners! Please expect an email from me today.  Thanks for joining!
Maria Rianne Verzo, 21k
Louie Lopez, 21k
Julito Pauly, 21k

Road to IM 70.3: The First of Many

Monday, 28 May 2012  |  Running + Triathlon

This begins a series of posts about my many adventures (and misadventures) as I train for Ironman Cebu 70.3 on August 5, 2012.  “ROAD TO IM 70.3” will be posted every Monday, but, if I have more to share, I may post another within the week.  This will be a countdown of sorts to race day.  A journal of my training…and all my whining (I’m not sure if you’ll want to hear this), bragging (hey, who else do I share my little achievements with?!), and learnings.

If you are a runner completely uninterested in triathlon, just sit back and enjoy.  You may pick up a thing or two to help your running or you may be inspired to try swimming or cycling or both.  At the very least, you may be entertained with the craziness of triathlon training.

If you are a triathlete, this could be a walk down memory lane as you recall the days when you were once a clueless, unbalanced, inflexible, yelping newbie like me.  Please stop yourself from laughing about my little mishaps or, worse, major idiotic moves.  If you can’t, then run to the bathroom, shut the door, let out a big guffaw, then come back to read more.  Oh, it would be great if you could drop a tip or two for myself and other readers, too.

Now, if you are a runner contemplating on getting into triathlon or hastily signed up for Ironman 70.3 like me, you’ve come to the right place!  Take this journey with me. It’s definitely merrier with more newbie triathletes thinking in unison:  “What the hell did I get myself into?!!”



10 more weeks to Ironman 70.3 Cebu. 5 more weeks to Tri United 2.  My coach, Andy Leuterio, reminded me about this early last week when he emailed me my program. Distances, particularly for the swim and bike, would substantially increase to build up for race day.  I swear my index finger was shaking when I clicked on the mouse to open Coach Andy’s file (which we’ve been tossing back and forth every week as he sends me the program on Monday and I return it filled up every Sunday) entitled: “Jaymie Pizarro’s Battle Plan.”  Total hours of training: 14 hours.

That week is over and I only hit 10 training hours.  Life got in the way you see!  That’s not to say that the week was not filled with things to be proud of or happy about.  Here are many firsts that made this week fantastic for me:

1) First time to ride alone…and I hit 65k!  (I was supposed to ride 100k that day in JalaJala with friends, but my ITBS started acting up. Aaargh!)

2) First time to drink from the internal bladder on the Shiv. (Don’t laugh. I’ve had the Shiv for over a month now, but it’s taken us (me and him) quite some time to get familiar with each other.)

– This is the straw for the Shiv’s internal bladder which makes it accessible while riding –

– Shiv’s internal bladder in the pink circle –

Special thanks to Coach Norman Pascual who allowed me to be saling pusa for a day in his bike skills session at SM MOA. We spent 2 hours going around in circles just to get me and another student, Patty, to get to drink while riding!  While I can drink from the straw, I still need to learn how to drink from the bottle!  Need more bike skill sessions!


– with Coach Norman Pascual, Jun, Rex, Monching, Patty, Tina, Dennis, Weng, and Ruben –

3) First time to attach my Garmin 310XT to the Shiv!  Got myself the Garmin bicycle mount kit (which I’ll be changing to the Quick Release Kit) and the Garmin Speed/Cadence Sensor.

– Garmin 310XT will be for the Shiv now.   I’m using the Garmin Bicycle Mount kit here, but I’ll be changing it to the Quick Release Kit

– Attached Garmin Speed/Cadence Sensor’s three components: GSC 10, pedal magnet, and spoke magnet –

– Close up of pedal magnet –

Garmin Speed/Cadence Sensor: P3,550
Garmin Bicycle Mount Kit: P1,750

Where to buy:
Navco, 3/F Millennium Place, Meralco Ave. cor J. Vargas Ave. Ortigas Center, Pasig.
Phone: 782-5913 / 571-6716

4) First time to swim this far: 2.5k!  Woot woot!  Don’t ask me to clap though because my arms were extremely exhausted the day after.

5) First time to post on my Road to Ironman 70.3 series!  Here’s to 10 more to go before the big day!


Running in Sentosa, Singapore

Tuesday, 22 May 2012  |  Bullish Insights

The hubby, kids, and I spent four days at Sentosa the past weekend. We had a fantastic time riding the rides at Universal Studios, hopping on the Skyride and Luge, viewing the sea creatures and watching the pink dolphin show at Underwater Adventure, dining at Festival Walk, and shopping at Orchard Road.  Aaah, I almost wish I could go on vacation again!

– Little bulls at the hotel –

– On the shuttle along Sentosa beachfront –

– Walking by waterfront at Sentosa right in front of Universal Studios –

– All set for our nth luge ride –

My only homework during this trip was a 15k fast-paced run. Saturday, I got up at 5:30AM for a 6:00AM run. I was all dressed and laced up only to discover that it was dark outside. Why didn’t anyone tell me that the sun rises at 7:00AM in Singapore?!

After a brief nap (in my run clothes), I left the hotel room at 7:00AM and took a 10 minute leisurely walk to the beachfront, which as advised by the friendly Pinoy staff at the Festive Hotel’s Front Desk, would be a great place to run.

– From hotel lobby to Festive Walk –

– Window shopping before the run! –

– Inspiration for the run. Mwah mwah! –

– Walked from here up to the Merlion then down to Siloso Beach. Fine, if you wanna be all hardcore about this, then you could run up the steps of the escalator too ala Rocky –

By the beach front, I decided to start my run at the Luge ticket office. Nearby were McDonalds, restrooms, and entrance to the beach.

– Luge and Skyride entrance. My starting point. And the kids’ favorite ride –

– That’s the ifly building –


– With the open water, flat roads for biking and swimming, this is a triathlete’s paradise.  I saw a triathlete training here under the intense 12nn heat!  Actually, I saw more than what I had hoped for. He was wearing way too tight speedos during the run heehee –

– Look! They have a jogging path which I only saw at the end of the trip. Check this out if or when you get there! –

I ran around 1km towards the right passing Siloso Beach. The roads were flat and faaaast. Would’ve loved to go faster if I wasn’t suffering in the heat too much.

– Loved the roads…but I was suffering in the heat and humidity. Who’s dumb enough to run at 7AM?!  Okay. No comment –

– Bikes for rent! I was tempted to rent one, but the Shiv at home might have gotten jealous –

I made a u-turn at the rotunda at the end. You’ll find a 7-11 there so bring extra money for hydration if you wish.

If you go farther down, you’ll see Shangri La resort and you even have the option of running the other roads in that area.  I opted not to explore that area because, um, it looked like a long, steep climb.

– Here’s where I made u turn. If you go past this area, you’ll see Shangri La and more roads to run –

– Entrance to Shangri la right in front of Underwater Adventure –

After the u turn, I headed back towards the Luge and went farther down passing other beaches such as Palawan beach. This left side of the road offers a longer route, but the same fast and flat roads. I enjoyed running here.  There were squirrels and peacocks for some entertainment, too!

After 7k, I felt that I couldn’t take the humidity anymore and decided to cut my run short. Out of guilt (and perhaps way too much eating the day before), I ran again a couple of days after covering 10k worth of intervals on the hotel treadmill. (Warning: there’s no TV in front of the treadmill so make sure you bring an iPod.)

I’m now back at Manila exhausted from the trip (that’s what happens when you have two little bull kids) and I must admit I’m not quite back into full training mode. As if that matters, because, in an hour, I should hop on my bike trainer and, by this afternoon, I should jump into the pool for a swim. Back to reality for this bull!

Anson’s Fun in the Sun Run 2012: Win Philips GoGear MP3 Player and Race Kits!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012  |  Race Announcements

EVENT: Anson’s Fun in the Sun Run 2012
DATE & TIME: May 27, 2012 @ 5:45AM
LOCATION: The Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Taguig
EVENT DISTANCES: 3K, 5K, 10K (extreme) and 16K (extreme)


After bringing us Rhythm N’ Run in 2010 and the Mardi Gras Run in 2011, Anson’s now brings us “Fun in the Sun Run 2012”. Now on its 3rd year, Anson’s will not only be giving everyone a chance to win gadgets from Apple (see raffle prizes below), they will take us to the extreme! 10K and 16K runners will enjoy a vertical component in their run. If you thought the rolling hills of McKinley were tough, wait ’til you run up and down their parking buildings.

Anson’s is throwing a little contest for TBR readers today!  Get a chance to win the following:

  • 2 units Philips GoGear Mp3 Player 4GB
  • 10 race kits

– Philips GoGear MP3 Player –

1) LIKE Anson’s Fun in the Sun Run on FB
3) Submit a comment on this post: “I want to run in Anson’s Fun in the Sun Run!” with the following info:

  • Your complete name
  • Your username on FB
  • Your preferred distance for the race

1) Deadline for submission of entries: TUESDAY, May 22, 2012 at 8:00 p.m.
2) First 8 people who comment win 1 race kit each.
3) All entries submitted before contest deadline will be eligible to join the raffle conducted by TBR via random.org. Two runners will each win: 1 unit each Philips GoGear Mp3 Player 4GB and 1 race kit.
4) All entries will be moderated and will be approved upon closing of the contest.
5) Only one entry per runner. Submission of more than one entry leads to disqualification.
6) Winner will be announced on TBR Pages on Facebook and Twitter ONLY and will be advised via email on how to claim the prize.



3K – first 50
5K – first 50
10K – first 300 (50%)
16K – all



Runners get a chance to win the following raffle items during Anson’s Fun in the Sun Run 2012:

  • 1 MacBook Air 11″
  • 1 MacMini
  • 1 iPad 16GB WiFi
  • 2 iPod Touch 8GB
  • 1 iPod Touch 32GB
  • 2 iPod Shuffle
  • 4 iPod Nano 8GB
  • 1 iPod Nano 16GB






  • 3K – P500
  • 5K – P500
  • 10K – P600
  • 16K – P700

Race Kit includes: race singlet, race number, strider tag (timing chip) and raffle entry

PROMO: 5+1 promo —> Register 5 people, Get 1 Free

REGISTRATION VENUES: (until Friday for all registration centers and Saturday for ROX and Ansons Pasong Tamo branch)

  • TAGUIG – Recreational Outdoor eXchange (R.O.X.)
    • Anson’s The Link Anson’s Pasong Tamo
    • Anson’s Cash N’ Carry
    • 3rd Level, The Landmark, Trinoma
  • ALABANG – Alabang Town Center
  • MANILA – A Runner’s Circle, Manila R.O.X.


  • For inquires contact Barbie: 0917-533-3742 (GLOBE/TM) 0999-999-3742 (SMART)
  • Or email events@run4change.com
  • Facebook: http://facebook.com/FunInTheSunRun
  • Website: http://run.ansons.ph


Congratulations to the winners! Please expect an email regarding claiming of your prizes: (Some entries were disqualified due to lack of info or submission of over 1 entry)

Ricardo P. So Jr., 16k
Ken L. Mendola, 10k
Rikki Suarez, 16k
Mary Gold dela Cruz, 10k
Hanna Rose Pua, 16k
Diana Rose Salonga, 10Km
Karen Odessa Roque Cabuyao, 10k
Rolly O. Rosqueta, 5k

Fuentibilio Lariosa / Bello, 10k
Alfred Roderick Estefani / Basura Boy, 16k