The 4th TBR Dream Marathon 2013

Wednesday, 27 February 2013  |  Race Reports

It’s been three days since 584 finishers crossed the finish line of our 4th TBR Dream Marathon and I’m still on a high.

Every year, I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to witness runners cross that finish line ribbon and see for myself the power, beauty, and magic of a marathon all at once. There’s nothing like it. No words can express the spirit of the marathon, the transformation that occurs within each runner.

Hopefully, these photos will give you a glimpse of what some of our TBR Dreamers experienced that day. There will be more photos and, as is the tradition, marathon stories to be shared almost every week here on this blog from the runners themselves  with the hope of inspiring even more people to go for their marathon dream.

Enjoy and see how these people lived their dream. For more info, visit

All photos courtesy of Tong Pascua Photography.

– The start. And yes, we’re the first race with Garmin as our official timekeeper –

– Farrah at the finish –

– Marice Laxa-Pangilinan finishes her first 42k a day before her birthday. She was paced by husband Anthony –

– Ecstatic finish! –

– Planet Sports President Anton Gonzales finishes his first marathon with his wife Mia who finished both her first and now 2nd marathon at TBR Dream –

– Happiness, laughter, and triumph at the finish line –

– Our host Boy Ramos hugs his wife as she finishes her 2nd marathon at TBR Dream –

– A marriage proposal for a new marathoner! She gets a medal and a ring! –

– Tina and husband Dennis, a diabetic, both finished their first marathon –

– Mommy Rhea and her biggest fans –

– Joanne runs towards the finish with the full support of Dream Chasers behind her –

– Joanne crosses the finish line beating the cut off by 3 minutes! –

– TBR Dream Team: Neville, myself, Jun, Macel, and Lit.  Missing in photo: Jim. –

– TBR Dream Marathon 2013 Medal –

TBR Dream Marathon 2013 Photos Available at

Tuesday, 26 February 2013  |  Race Announcements

TBR Dreamers may now download all their race photos for FREE at

Click HERE to go directly to Photovendo.


Thank you to Ben Chan and our official race photographer:

TBR Dream Marathon 2013 Official Results

Monday, 25 February 2013  |  Race Reports

Congratulations to all 584 Finishers of TBR Dream Marathon 2013 yesterday!  We were happy and proud to see each one of you cross the finish line!  Stories and photos to follow, but for now, we’re giving you your official results!


Date: Feb. 24, 2013
Venue: Nuvali Road, NUVALI, Sta. Rosa Manila
Gun Start: 2:00 am

Please click here for official results… (UPDATED: 4 MARCH 2013)

TBR Dream Marathon 2013 Overall Results rev02

Some runners may lack their split times at 30k or 39k.  This is due to an internal error with the machine during the race and the splits are irrecoverable.

For any concerns regarding the official results, please email  Subject: TBRDM Official Results.

21 Tips for Running a Marathon Under the Rain

Friday, 22 February 2013  |  Running + Triathlon

With our erratic weather, it seems like every marathon now is under risk for rain. Last year alone, New York City Marathon was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. California International Marathon pushed through despite rain and floods. And, how many times has it rained at Milo Marathon?!  Good thing we runners are always raring to run whether rain or shine! Right?! Right!


In two days, TBR Dream Marathon is set. As we’ve announced, it pushes through rain or shine unless we have a major storm that risks our runners safety.

Having said that, we hear that the weather is expected to improve (hey, even Kuya Kim tweeted it!), but we do know—even if they don’t tell us—that our dear runners are anxious over the possibility of rain.

So, we’ve prepared a few tips from our TBR Dream Team who, combined, have run almost 10 marathons in the rain! You may read a few duplications below, but I left them in there anyway to highlight their importance.

FROM JIM LAFFERTY: Ran 5 to 6 marathons in the rain, Co-Founder TBR Dream Marathon

Tip 1. : Have throwaway rain gear for start. Stay dry and warm as long as possible. Then discard as you warm up running.

Tip 2: Over lubricate. Wetness means more chafing and blisters! Lube up. Vaseline or bodyglide on EVERY part of skin. Watch between toes!

Tip 3. Keep moving. Rain causes rapid cool down. Convert all stop breaks into walk breaks. A 5 minute stoppage can leave you too stiff to restart!

Tip 4: WICKING GARMENTs. Be sure to wear wicking shirt and shorts that expel moisture. Cotton is WORST to wear in rain as it absorbs massively and adds a “drag” to your running! Who needs an extra 3 kilos?

FROM LIT ONRUBIA: Ran 2 marathons in the rain, Head coach TBR Dream Marathon

Tip 5: Think NO blisters. This is the biggest issue that you need to address and eliminate. Wet socks means greater chance of blisters. Back in 2010, while I knew that taping my toes would be uncomfortable, I also knew that it would reduce the chance of blisters. So I put band aids on every toe before I left my room and brought extra band aids with me to the race, just in case. (Also, know where to place the band aid pads on your toes. I typically blister between the toes, not at the bottom. So I adjusted the band aids accordingly.)

Tip 6: Don’t over-dress. You may be running in the rain but it doesn’t mean that it’ll be cold. At least not in Nuvali. So you really don’t need a lot of layers that will just be a hassle to carry around for 6 hours. So just try to stay as dry as possible prior to the race (maybe wear a jacket). But then pack away the jacket when it’s time to warm-up and just wear a large garbage bag (which you can buy at any grocery) when you take to the road. A garbage bag, with holes for your head and arms, is ridiculously effective in keeping you dry and warm. And it’s so easy to rip it off and ditch it after 3-7K, when you’ve warmed up.

Tip 7: Wear a hat or visor to keep the rain from constantly drizzling on your eyes and face. That can be irritating.

Tip 8: Take shorter but quicker strides until you get a better sense of your body and the wet roads. As you gain confidence in your stride, which will happen as you get more comfortable with the conditions, run your normal run.

Tip 9: Rainy or colder weather doesn’t mean you hydrate less. Stick to your normal hydration plan which you’ve been practicing for months.

Tip 10: Stick to your race plan. Because your body won’t heat up as fast in the rain, you will find it easy to go faster than your usual pace, especially in the first 10K. Fight off this urge and stick to your planned pace. Whether you’re racing under the sun or in the rain, always remember that “1st half=conservative, last 10K=aggressive” is usually the best plan.

Tip 11: Embrace the conditions and just run your run. You’ve trained long and hard for this day so let nothing ruin it. Besides, we’d all rather run under the rain than in 90 degree heat, right? I thought so.

FROM NEVILLE MANAOIS: Ultramarathoner and triathlete, TBRDM Race Director

Tip 12: Wear a cap, not only does it shield your eyes and face from the rain but also, helps manage body heat.

Tip 13: Wear a disposable rain coat or garbage bag heading to the starting line, it helps manage heat.  Throw it away once your body gets warm.

Tip 14: It’s cold at the start of the run,  but it will get warmer quickly once you start running. Don’t overdress or put on too much clothing. Just wear your normal running clothes.

Tip 15: Eat food or drink fluids.  You’re losing energy since your body is burning fuel and managing your temperature.

Tip 16: Be careful with your steps. The ground is slippery.

Tip 17: After you cross the finish line drink warm beverages,  and change your wet clothes, and keep warm immediately. Drink and eat as much as you can.

Tip 18: Weather will be unpredictable, don’t bring any electronic items.

Tip 19: No point changing socks after the rain, your shoes and the ground is still wet.

Tip 20: Run in packs or with groups, rain makes road visibility poor. Running in groups allows motorists and marshals to monitor you better.

Tip 21: Don’t be afraid to get wet and have fun.

New Gear: Simple Hydration Bottle. Care to Win One?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013  |  Gear + Gadgets

Every now and then, you chance upon a product that is so innovative yet so simple that you mutter to yourself: Why didn’t I think of that?

That’s what I thought when I received a sample of Simply Hydration bottle from ultra marathoner Tin Ferrera.

– 13 oz. Simple Hydration Bottle –

The brainchild of seasoned Ohio based triathlete and marathoner, Brian Hock, Simple Hydration, is an innovative product revolutionizing the way runners, cyclists, triathletes, crossfitters, gym buff or anyone on the go hydrate.  Hock got sick of handhelds and bulky belts during his tri-training and instead of complaining or suffering, he invented this bottle.

The Simple Hydration bottle is a 13 ounce bottle with a unique contoured shape for a great fit.  It is slender in one place, wider in the other, and has a lip on one side to hook on a belt or waist band.  It is easy to grip with one hand, insert in your shirt by your nape, around the waistband of your running shorts or race belt  for a comfortable, bounce-free run.  It just hooks anywhere! It is BPA free, made of LDPE and manufactured in the USA.

– Wear it at your nape! Ultramarathon and distributor Tin Ferrara used this at Bataan Death March Ultramarathon –

It’s so simple, convenient, and light; I loved it.  I preferred to grip it with one hand while on the run rather than clipping it onto my shorts or inserting it in the back of my shirt as I found this to be very uncomfortable.  The spout is a slightly difficult to pull with your teeth, but it does ensure that it doesn’t spill nor open while on the run. While 13 ounces may not be enough for a run above 10k, I found this to be the perfect size because any bigger would be too heavy to lug around.  The solution would be to ensure that you can refill at some point for longer training runs.


tbr promo_simplehydration

How to Join

Complete the statement below by posting a comment on this blog post:

“I WANT TO RUN WITH SIMPLE HYDRATION, THE BOTTLE THAT HOOKS ANYWHERE.  I will use my SIMPLE HYDRATION BOTTLE for my ________________.  I like it because ________________.”

Include your Name and Email address

Sample Entry

I will use my SIMPLE HYDRATION BOTTLE for my training run for my first triathlon. I like it because it will keep me hydrated while running and I can hook it anywhere after getting off the bike”
Tin Ferrera/


  • One runner will win a Simple Hydration Bottle.
  • First 20 runners to enter get a P100 discount on the purchase of their SIMPLE HYDRATION bottle. They can claim this at Second Wind Running Store or G-Stop.

Contest Rules
1) Deadline for submission of entries: FEBRUARY 22, 2013, FRIDAY at 11:59 AM.
2) TBR will choose one winner.
3) Only one entry per runner. Submission of more than one entry leads to disqualification.
4) Winner will be announced on this blog post and will be advised via email on how to claim the prize.


Simple Hydration Bottle is available for P850 at the following stores:

  • A Runner’s Circle (Roxas Blvd., Cebu City, Legaspi City)
  • G-Stop (Greenhills, Alabang Town Center)
  • Second Wind Running Store (Ortigas Home Depot, Greenhills, UP Village)
  • Sprint Multisports Store (Cagayan De Oro)
  • The Brick Multisports Store (Mckinley, Taguig City and Cebu City)

Twitter: SHBottle_ph
Instagram: simplehydrationph


Congratulations to our winner: Alfred Roderick Estefani aka Basura Boy!  You win 1 Simple Hydration bottle because of your answer below:

I WANT TO RUN WITH SIMPLE HYDRATION, THE BOTTLE THAT HOOKS ANYWHERE. I will use my SIMPLE HYDRATION BOTTLE for my training for the upcoming Milo Marathon since I’m planning to run the 42k there. I like it because I’m a minimalist. I run on Vibram Five Fingers, huaraches or even barefoot. For a hydration bottle, it doesn’t get more minimalist than this.

The following runners get P100 off Simple Hydration bottle at Second Wind Running Store or G-Stop:

  1. Vince
  2. Angelica May Pinon
  3. Melissa dela Pena
  4. Maricar Leyva
  5. Addison
  6. Ricky Artigas
  7. Tristan John Castro
  8. Lemuel Mira
  9. Deanna
  10. Kenneth Rola
  11. Jay
  12. Karen May Caliente-Mira
  13. John Paul Bello
  14. Rowell Garcia
  15. Aaron Kyle
  16. Barbra Nava
  17. Michael Sanchez
  18. Mark Clint Lura
  19. Julius Romero
  20. Rosemarie La Torre

Please expect an email from us regarding claiming of your prize.