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February 2013 Archive

  • The 4th TBR Dream Marathon 2013

    It’s been three days since 584 finishers crossed the finish line of our 4th TBR Dream Marathon and I’m still on a high. Every year, I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to witness runners cross that finish line ribbon and see for myself the power, beauty, and magic of a marathon all at [...]

  • TBR Dream Marathon 2013 Photos Available at

    TBR Dreamers may now download all their race photos for FREE at Click HERE to go directly to Photovendo. Thank you to Ben Chan and our official race photographer:

  • TBR Dream Marathon 2013 Official Results

    Congratulations to all 584 Finishers of TBR Dream Marathon 2013 yesterday!  We were happy and proud to see each one of you cross the finish line!  Stories and photos to follow, but for now, we’re giving you your official results! Event: THE BULL RUNNER DREAM MARATHON 2013 Date: Feb. 24, 2013 Venue: Nuvali Road, NUVALI, [...]

  • 21 Tips for Running a Marathon Under the Rain

    With our erratic weather, it seems like every marathon now is under risk for rain. Last year alone, New York City Marathon was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. California International Marathon pushed through despite rain and floods. And, how many times has it rained at Milo Marathon?!  Good thing we runners are always raring to [...]

  • New Gear: Simple Hydration Bottle. Care to Win One?

    Every now and then, you chance upon a product that is so innovative yet so simple that you mutter to yourself: Why didn’t I think of that? That’s what I thought when I received a sample of Simply Hydration bottle from ultra marathoner Tin Ferrera. – 13 oz. Simple Hydration Bottle – The brainchild of [...]