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TBR Dream Marathon 2013 Official Results

Congratulations to all 584 Finishers of TBR Dream Marathon 2013 yesterday!  We were happy and proud to see each one of you cross the finish line!  Stories and photos to follow, but for now, we’re giving you your official results!


Date: Feb. 24, 2013
Venue: Nuvali Road, NUVALI, Sta. Rosa Manila
Gun Start: 2:00 am

Please click here for official results… (UPDATED: 4 MARCH 2013)

TBR Dream Marathon 2013 Overall Results rev02

Some runners may lack their split times at 30k or 39k.  This is due to an internal error with the machine during the race and the splits are irrecoverable.

For any concerns regarding the official results, please email  Subject: TBRDM Official Results.

  • Cindy

    Thank you TBR Organizers. Thumbs up. Thank you for making my dreams came true. I am now a certfied marathoner. So emotional when I crossed the finish line.

  • TheDreamer

    That marathon was dramatic for me. Nobody came from my friends and family to support me. Good thing that I was wearing shades. Nobody noticed my teary eyes on the finish line. I was expecting kasi someone, at least one close to me. The least thing that I would have done was to embrace Jamie so tight when she congratulated me when I reached the finish line. I maintained my gentlemanliness and we just shake hands. Kasi ang linis linis pa niya at ako ay ang dumi dumi ko na. Nakakahiya namang yakapin.

  • John Paul Bello

    The Bull Runner Dream Marathon made my dream come true. Thank you for the support and inspiration. I still can’t get over by the fact that I AM NOW A MARATHONER!

  • Donna

    Thanks Bul Runner for making Our dreams come true! :)

  • Manie

    My only regret is that, I wasn’t able to pose with Jamie and some of the coaches and staffs at the finish line. Asking for pictures with celebrities or popular people is not really my thing. But I should have made exception for this one. I’m just too tired and shy to come back and ask.

    Thanks for the experience. Crossing the finish line with our dog is a wonderful experience. Tanggal ang sakit ng injury ko that I felt from km 18 palang. Rose cheers are pain reliever. :-)

  • dazzling28

    Just saw the official results with corresponding time of each runners. what happened to runner 234 ranked 581, chip time at 19K marker is 4.53.19?? cut off at 21K must be 4hrs. But he managed to finish. Machine error??

    • admntbrjaymie

      Hi Dazzling, our team will check on that. Thank you for raising it. If you have any concerns, kindly email

  • Marivic

    Thanks to Jamie, Lit, Coach Jim and all the team of TBR! A 42k distance is truly grueling but your team helped make the experience pleasant. Indeed you lived by what you say that “in TBR every finisher is a winner”. Thanks for making us feel like winners.

  • April Grace Bola

    Thanks a lot Miss Jaymie for bringing our dreams into reality! Best race event ever!

  • Jerome

    First time is sweet! Thanks Jaymie for the opportunity and the experience, rolling hills and all. Suddenly, the Skyway looks absolutely FLAT!

  • Zeny

    Thanks The Bull Runner for making our dreams come true. Thank you for the support: best hydration, supportive dream chasers, the best organizing staff! You made my 2013 this early memorable :-)

  • Jerome

    First is indeed sweet. Now I can truly say I am a marathoner! Thanks Jaymie for the opportunity. Rolling hills and all! Condura now really looks FLAT!

  • dazzling28

    Congratulations to all the finishers. I just noticed one runner who was allowed to go on despite of his time at km 19, 4.53hrs while there is a runner who was forced to stop at km 21 with a time of 4.25. He was even asked, kung sa palagay ba nya ay ibibilis pa? The runner is my friend, and i was with him when he was told to stop. My friend, cried a river – it was a very emotional day. While a lot of people were cheering that he can make it despite of his weight, then there is one guy from your team who is “so much concern” about him telling him to stop kasi nga wala ng ibibilis pa on the next 21K. TBR ruined his dream..:-(..I know, we all know that safety, medical conditions is the primary concern of the TBR. That is why people who happens to be doctors,PT’s,med tech who care so much about Elpi run with him to make sure that he’ll be fine along the race. We just hope you have given Elpi the opportunity to prove what he can do. Because he knows himself better more than we do..

    • admntbrjaymie

      Hi Dazzling, we only swept two runners and both were below 21km. As in the rules, cut off is at 4 hours for 21km. These are the rules and we abide by them to ensure 1) all our runners safety, 2) fairness to all the staff of the race as we can’t keep our marshals out there without sleep, and lastly 3) remind our runners that the marathon deserves respect. We did not take the dream away from Elpi because I do believe he can still do it. This was perhaps not yet the right time. Thanks for your concern. I know you mean well for your friend :)

    • vicoy

      Hi Dazzling. While I do care for a fellow batchmate to finish his race especially Elpi (he was one of the most applauded during the send-off party when he went onstage), please be mindful of the fact that the TBR Team utmost priority is safety for all the marathoners.
      While all of us wanted to have Elpi realize his TBR Dream, you are definitely mistaken in saying that “he knows himself better than we do.” I was there when someone passed away during the PSE Bull Run in Jan. The guy was a seasoned runner…he was president of Sigue Correr Runners and yet he perished on the 18km of a 21K run. Did the “he know himself better” argument apply there? I hope you truly understand where the TBR Team is coming from.

    • g4g

      All of you guys from TBR made Elpi realize that it was a nightmare marathon. VICOY, I have perfectly understand where TBR is coming from. SAFETY is the Priority of this run that is why they required the participants to secure a medical certificate, right vicoy? kung nag-aalangan sila sa health ni Elpi sana una palang hindi na nila tinanggap ang registration. nagregister sya kasi alam nya na kaya nya. tinanggap naman ng TBR ang registration nya, right vicoy? VICOy nung may namatay sa bull run andun ka. andun ka lang! pero hindi mo kilala ung namatay personally. same shit. hindi mo kilala si ELPI kaya wala kang karapatan. malamang kung ikaw ang pinatigil masasaktan ka rin sampu ng mga supporters mo! pinaghandaan nyang mabuti lahat ng run nya. The person was determined to finish what he has started. sa lalaking nagpatigil sa kanya, you know who you are, dahan dahan sa pagbibitaw ng salita. hindi maganda tabas ng bunganga mo, gusto mo silihan ko yan!

    • admntbrjaymie

      Dear G4G, this is my blog and I don’t usually approve any ranting or negative comments here. It is MY SPACE. But, I will do so in this case for the ff reasons:

      1) I know you are only concerned for Elpi. You are emotional about him being swept off the course at Km 21 at 4 hours 25 mins. I understand that. None of us want to sweep any of our runners off the course. It breaks our hearts to do it. We are runners too and we know how hard Elpi trained for this. But we HAD to do it.

      2) I need you to understand that rules are rules. Our rule as stated in our website,, on the handbook which was emailed to all runners and was free to download by all, and on the printout inserted along with Elpi’s race bib, stated CLEARLY that there was a cut off at Km 21 at 4 hours. We gave Elpi an extra 25 mins beyond 4 hours. Rules are rules and they are there for the safety of all our runners. If you do not accept them, then you are free to choose another race.

      3) We require a medical certificate to ensure that each runner has been cleared by the doctor to run 42km. It DOES NOT however give a runner free reign to run on our course for as long as he wishes and risk his own safety. It is our duty as organizer to ensure that everyone is safe.

      4) Your group stated that there was a Runner Bib 234 who was allowed to pass through Km21 beyond 4 hours. It was your group (and we thank you for this) that pointed this out to us in the results. We have attempted to communicate with him on this to give him due process and allow him to clarify how this happened. All our marshals were advised not to let anyone through at Km 21 beyond 4:25 so we don’t know how he got through.

      5) You DO NOT have a right to threaten anyone at all on my blog, online, or in person. You are also NOT allowed to use foul language here. These are MY RULES. If you have a problem, then raise it properly and act like a decent individual. I will no longer approve any of your comments if you continue to act in this despicable manner.

      As for Elpi, I am so sorry we had to sweep you off of the race. Please do not let this dishearten you. We did it for your safety and I do hope you always understand that. You can still dream the dream in another marathon. I wish you all the best and I sincerely believe you can do it. I wish you all the best.

  • Jie Mauricio

    Thank you Jaymie! Thanks to everyone who have been a part of our journey. Congratulations to all! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

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