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Otterbox Armor for iphone 5: Toughest Case Ever Built

They say the Otterbox Armor series is the “toughest case ever built.” When I received mine last week and held it in my hand, I didn’t doubt it at all.


The Otterbox Armor series is waterproof, dustproof, crushproof, and drop proof. Here’s the following info on the box:

- Waterproof up to 6.6 ft/ 2m 30min
- Drop proof up to 10ft / 3m
- Dust proof, zero dust
- Crush proof up to 2 tons / 1.8 tonnes

My kids couldn’t wait to submerge my iphone in its Armor case and throw it against the wall. Waaah!  Fortunately, I hadn’t tested the case yet so I had a good excuse to hold them off. Watch this video to learn how to test your Otterbox Armor if or when you do have your own…

I’m so looking forward to using my new case! I couldn’t have received it at a better time. I’m at the peak of training and I bring my iphone everywhere—when I run, when I ride, when I swim, and also when I travel. With Holy Week break drawing near, I expect longer hours outdoors too.

Visit for more info on Otterbox Armor Series.

  • Ariel

    Wow! I need something like this. My previous phone broke because I didn’t realize it was swimming with me; the other one previous to that got stepped on; and before that, the phone was dropped and scatterded into pieces. It does show my carelessness but phones should be as tough as the athlete owner ;) di ba?; but they are not. Oh for Iphone 5? I need to change phone pala muna ;)

    • admntbrjaymie

      I agree! My phone gets dropped quite often too and it is never my fault! :D Go get it when you have the iphone 5 :)

  • NOEL

    Is the Otterbox Armor series available in the Philippines?

    • admntbrjaymie

      Yes, check the website. You can even purchase online :)

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