Running (and Hip-Hop Dancing) with the Nike Free 5.0

Friday, 12 April 2013  |  Gear + Gadgets

Nike Free recently launched its Nike Free 5.0 in an intimate gathering at Planet Sports.

– with Vimz (Kulitrunner), Bards (Banana Running), Sandra (Runner’s World), and Lara (Women’s Health) –

Nike peeps introduced to us the features of the new Nike Free 5.0 plus their new apparel, Nike Dri-Fit Touch, Nike’s dry fit material in a lighter, more breathable material, which is just perfect for summer!  We were lent a pair of Nike Free 5.0 to road test around Bonifacio High Street.

– The new Nike Free 5.0 for women –

When we returned, we were introduced to this woman: Madelle Enriquez.


Turns out that Madelle was a member of the famous hiphop dance group Philippine All Stars. She was there to teach us a few dance moves and allow us to feel just how flexible the Nike Free 5.0s are.  Wait a minute, how did Nike know that it’s been my secret dream to take hiphop lessons?!

So, this runner with two left feet danced—or at least attempted to—and enjoyed every minute!  The Nike Free 5.0 were flexible all right as it moved and bended along with my feet, but, um, I think my body was quite the opposite!


– Nike Free 5.0 for Men –

– Nike Free 5.0 for Women –

And this, my friends, is the Nike Free 5.0 for Women all scrunched up. Just shows you how pliable this shoe is!


The Nike Free 5.0 offers runners increased foot strength and a barefoot-like feel.  Key features of this shoe?

  • Nike Flywire technology which delivers a dynamic, glove-like fit, and lightweight mesh providing optimal ventilation
  • Articulated flex grooves along the length and width of the midsole to enhance flexibility and help maintain stability.
  • 8mm midsole offset, lies in the middle of the Nike Free spectrum between a barefoot-like feel and a traditional athletic shoe

Download the Technical Sheet for:

Nike Free 5.0 Mens Tech Sheet PDF
Nike Free 5.0 Women’s Tech Sheet PDF


I’m not a big barefoot running fan (It works for some but not for me and my flat feet!), but I’m a believer in using minimalist shoes at least once or twice a week to help strengthen all the tiny muscles in our feet that have been spoiled by overly cushioned shoes.  That’s where the Nike Frees come in for me.

In the Nike Free line, I was a loyal user of the Nike Free 7.0 until my dog Cosmo mistook it for food and chewed it up and I currently use the Nike Free Run 3.0 which I run with twice a week on the treadmill in the gym.  While I could use the Nike Free 7.0 on the road up to 21km (I used it at Tri United 2 last year), I can never use the Nike Free Run 3.0 outdoors because it lacks cushioning for me.

As for the Nike Free 5.0, I can’t give you a detailed shoe review because we only used it during the event.  But, during the brief time I wore it, I was happy to note that it didn’t veer away from the usual feel of a Nike Free.  In fact, since I’ve used the 7.0 and the 3.0, I do think that the 5.0, being midway, will be a great running buddy for me.  I’m guessing it will have minimalist features with enough cushioning to protect my feet.


Aside from the Nike Free 5.0, Nike Free presents five new styles across running and training – the Nike Free 5.0+ and 4.0 in running; the Nike Free TR Breathe for women’s training; and the Nike Free Trainer 5.0 for men’s training.

The idea for Nike Free emerged in 2001, launching years of study, testing and design to make a shoe that delivered the benefits of natural motion while protecting the foot. More than a decade later, the 2013 running shoes retain the well-known flexibility of Nike Free’s articulated outsole, and introduce three new upper designs for enhanced natural motion:

  • Nike Free 5.0+: Dynamic Nike Flywire technology provides secure support without added weight.
  • Nike Free 4.0: Utilizes no-sew overlays and a tongue-wrap fit for stitch-free comfort.
  • Nike Free 3.0: Nike engineered mesh improves fit and breathability with looser patterns where ventilation and stretch are needed and tighter patterns in areas where support is key.

I used to be confused about the various products within the Nike Free range.  But, Nike released the NIKE FREE A-Z to  take us on the journey of how a coach’s insight about natural motion led to a new performance language with the Nike Free.

Nike Frees are available in Nike stores.  SRP: Php 5,295 (for Free 5.0, 4.0 and 3.0, Men’s and Women’s)