TBR Clean & Mean Routine for 2014: Get Fit and Lose Weight with Us (Part 2)

Friday, 10 January 2014  |  Healthy Food + Recipes, News + Promos

The start of the New Year always calls for New Beginnings. Most of us make New Year’s resolutions that include our health and wellness from dropping 10 lbs. to eating less junk. The question is: How do you do it? Better yet, how can you stick to it?

Enter the TBR Clean and Mean Routine of 2014.  (Read Part 1 Introduction HERE.)


TBR Clean and Mean Routine is a series of health, wellness, and nutrition tips that I’ll publish every Monday morning from January 13 to February 24.

It’s called Clean and Mean Routine because we will focus on the following:

(1) Eating MOSTLY CLEAN food. These are foods that come from nature. If it comes with a list of ingredients then most likely it is food you want to avoid. You want to eat fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, fish, and nuts. I said MOSTLY because we will eat clean MOST of the time, but SOMETIMES we can allow ourselves to indulge and enjoy not-so-healthy food.

(2) We will practice being MEAN.  Kind (!), but MEAN as in…

  • M is for MEALS: Eat 3 meals per day. Have 2 snacks per day.
  • E is for EXERCISE: Exercise 4x a week.
  • N is for NOURISH YOUR BODY, NURTURE YOUR SPIRIT. We’re not just caring for our bodies, but also our spirit and our soul.

(3) ROUTINE because by the end of this plan I hope that you pick up at least one healthy eating tip that you incorporate into your life so naturally that it becomes a habit. Essentially, that is the key to getting healthy. It’s not about getting into a temporary quick-fix diet; it’s about adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Anyway, that’s just an introduction. We’ll get into more detail each week.


  • Anyone and everyone can join.  Non-runners, runners, ultra marathoners, triathletes, anyone!
  • Post a comment on TBR FACEBOOK PAGE that you wish to join and state your goal. If you don’t have FB, you can post your comment on this blogpost. Example: I’m in! I want to join because I want to drop 10 lbs. and live a healthier life for my children.
  • Watch out for our weekly TBR Clean & Mean Routine tip every Monday. I will ask you to post a comment on each of those weekly tips. By doing so, you commit to practice that tip for the next 7 days and you hold yourself accountable for your actions.
  • Throughout the week, feel free to chat and converse with others in the TBR FB Page who are trying to apply the weekly tips in their lives.
  • By the first week of March, I will ask you to submit a story on how this plan worked for you and what changes you saw in your life. The most compelling and interesting submission will win a pair of running shoes from me.

Are you in? I am! I’m the first person to join! My name is Jaymie aka The Bull Runner and I want to eat cleaner to run stronger and faster, to be more toned, and to just live a healthier life.

Let’s do this! First post starts next Monday, January 13.

P.S. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter where I’ll be posting our Clean & Mean Weekly Tips.