Boston Marathon: Arriving in Boston (Part 1)

Saturday, 25 April 2015  |  Race Reports


I woke up in my hotel room to view the Boston skyline before me.  I was in Boston!  Oh man, I really was in Boston!  This was to be a quick 6-day trip with one goal in mind: to run Boston Marathon and subsequently complete all six World Marathon Majors.  As far as I knew, I would be the first runner from the Philippines to do it.

I was fortunate enough to have been sponsored by my good friends from Gatorade on this quest to accomplish this dream and even luckier to have had the full support of friends and family back home who had sent their well-wishes days before I left.  I was all alone on this trip, but, as cheesy as it sounds, with the love and support that poured out on social media, I felt like everyone—except for some nasty trolls LOL—was behind me.


Some of the many notes sent by my friends, family, and, of course, my TBR Dreamers. No words can express my gratitude for your love and support!

Before heading out to even see the city that morning, I quickly got dressed to be at the opening gates of the first day of the Boston Marathon race expo to claim my race kit.  Fortunately for me, I was booked at Sheraton Hotel, which was connected to John Hynes Convention Center, the venue of the race expo.  How convenient! (Thanks Gatorade for spoiling me silly on this trip!)

2PICKUP The sea of Boston Marathoners making their way to Race Kit Pick up. 
4LINERace Kit redemption was quick and easy.

6BIBThe official Boston Marathon shirt that came along with the kit. Loooove it!



When I got my race kit, my heart started racing and I realized that, in a matter of days, I was going to be running Boston Marathon! With much excitement and lots of nerves, I tried to calm myself down and headed straight for the race expo for some serious shopping.

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Thank you to Gatorade for sponsoring my Boston Marathon adventure. Thank you as well to my other sponsors: Unilab Active Health, Fitness First, Specialized, Peak Form Manila, Otterbox, and Oakley.