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07 Therapy & Injury Archive

  • Preventing Injury at Peak Form

    So I felt a minor discomfort on my left knee after Tokyo Marathon. Boo! It started rearing its ugly head as we shuffled from Omotesando to Takeshita to Ginza on our last day in Tokyo. When we arrived in Manila, it went on full throttle when I ran the next weekend and the weekend after. [...]

  • You’re Not Invincible. Go Get a Check Up.

    One common mistake among people who live healthy lives is that they think they’re invincible.  “Hey, I workout 6x a week, I eat well, I don’t smoke nor drink, I get 8 hours of sleep, and I haven’t been sick the past year, I’m in the pink of health.”  Sound like you?  Well, that was [...]

  • Twisting and Rocking at Intercare

    Amidst the Christmas chaos, I braved the traffic from the South to Makati and successfully made it to the Intercare Blogger’s Night. It was a worthwhile event where I learned about the services that Intercare has to offer (whoa boy, they have a lot!), received a free, and long delayed, consult with popular Chiropractor Dr. [...]

  • 8 Ways to Manage Illiotibial Band Syndrome or ITBS for Runners

    Lucky is the runner that doesn’t have to deal with any injuries. At one time or another, most runners will be faced with an injury; it’s just part of life as a runner. One learns how to manage it and prevent any major problems to allow us to continue doing the sport we love. One [...]

  • Riovana Sports Recovery Center

    I’m a sucker for spas and deep tissue massages. I also know the value of therapy and treatments for muscle tightness or injuries performed by licensed physical therapists. So, when I dropped by the new Sports Recovery Center on the 2nd floor of Riovana in Bonifacio High Street, I thought I had died and gone [...]