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Q: Is that what you do all day: RUN?
A: Wow, wouldn’t that be sad?  Don’t get me wrong. I love to run.  It’s turned my world upside-down, inside-out, and all for the better.  I created a whole blog just for running and, in fact, it’s all I talk about on this blog, on my TBR Facebook page, and on Twitter.  BUT, it isn’t my life. My life revolves around my loved ones, work, and other passions and, happily enough, running enhances all those other aspects of my life. I run to live; I don’t live to run.

Q: How can I get into running?
A: Do you have a pen?  Take this down:
1) Dust off those running shoes hidden at the back of your closet.
2) Put on socks, then shoes.
3) Step outside.
4) Run.
It’s as simple as that. Take it one step at a time. Start s-l-o-w-l-y. If you need support, I constantly blog about running groups or clinics. If you need coaching, download one of the copies of TBR Magazine with a directory at the back (some don’t) and there’s a list of running coaches and their numbers.

Q: I’m a race organizer, how can I submit our upcoming race?
A: You can go directly to our TBR Calendar page and submit your information there.  We’ll make sure to include the information in our calendars both online and in TBR Magazine for FREE.

Q: How can I advertise on TBR online or on TBR Magazine?
A: You can email me directly at tbr(at)

Q: Can you review my product?
A: I only accept products for review that are 1) relevant to this blog and for my readers, and 2) products that I would actually like and use. You may email me about your product and I’ll let you know if I will accept a product sample for review. BUT, please keep in mind that I reserve the right to write a completely unbiased and honest review of your product. If you cannot accept any negative comments, then don’t send your product to me.  I will also not accept payments in cash or in kind in return for any false advertising.

Q: Are you paid to post about products or services?
A: Occasionally, I accept payments in cash or in kind for blogposts, but these have not changed or influenced my opinion of the product or service and it never will.  I set up this blog to share my love for running, not to make money off of it. Everything I write on this blog is honest and unbiased. Beginning July 2012, I will include a Full Disclosure note at the bottom of blogposts that require transparency (e.g., my relationship with the advertiser or sponsor and if I received any compensation for the post).

For any other questions, you can email me at tbr(at)

  • Neil Don Santos

    Hi! Do you know when will be the next Markdown Madness Shoe Sale in Tektite tower this 2014? thank you!

    • admntbrjaymie

      Sorry Neil. No I don’t.

  • Michael

    Hi jamie, I just had my fist 21k last January and interested complete the 42k on your next event of TBR. Please let me know how can I register.


    • admntbrjaymie

      Hi Michael, we open registration around Aug or Sept. Please check the blog for info then :)

  • http://n/a Mario San Diego

    Hi Jamie, I’m close to 59 years and I’ve been jogging/walking for about two years now. One hour every other day along the sea coast here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Last December, when I went for my annual vacation, friends are in unison in thinking I was sick as I lost weight. I’m 6’1″ but weighs about 79-80 kgs. I told them it’s both diet and physical activity. And I convince most of them to start first to walk, 15 minutes every day and gradually walk/jog. Now, most of them are doing this healthy habit, some almost every day and those busy during week ends. During my vacation, I jog around Ortigas Center where I reside, early at around 6 AM to avoid pollution from vehicles, and the second hand smoke from BPO/Customer Service Reps taking their break from call center jobs. I’m running with a worn-out pair of Reebok shoes and can’t find a replacement that fits my size 15. Do you know of any specialized store in Metro Manila selling big-size running shoes? I am afraid, I will hurt my feet, especially my sole, running with a bad pair of shoes. Last December, there was a huge sale at MegaMall and Tiendesitas for mostly shoes of famous brands, but believe me, I did not find my size. I tried to source it every where here in Jeddah, but sport shops normally will not stock big size shoes. Alam mo na, this does not make good business sense. Tell me, shall I stop running with a worn out shoes. Thanks in advance for any help you can give. Mario San Diego

    • admntbrjaymie

      Hi Mario, let me ask my friends about the stores and email you back. If it were a choice between quitting exercise or continuing with worn out shoes, I would say the latter is the lesser of two evils. Continue to jog if there is no discomfort or pain. In the meantime, let’s find you those size 15s!

  • Wilson John Labuguen

    Hello jamie can i ask kong saan po ung branch ng customes sole my problem kasi ko sa arch flatfooted po kasi ako please help me

    • admntbrjaymie

      Hi Wilson, any branch of Intercare. You can google for their branches. Good luck!

  • Jo-Anne

    Hi Jaymie!
    I ran TBRDM 2013.
    I also joined your Clean and Mean Routine.
    You did say you are studying Nutrition and Wellness.
    May I ask where is the location, how
    long is the program and what is their package pls.
    Thank you very much for all your good
    More power! God bless

  • Edward G

    Hi Jaymie!

    I am an avid runner, but I just got back to running after several months due to heavy work load.

    I found out that the Dream Marathon is already on Feb16. Do you have a date for the next one? Hopefully, you’re holding another one later this year.



    • admntbrjaymie

      None yet! Stay tuned. We’ll be planning the next one soon :)

  • Jericho Montes

    Hi TBR,

    First of all I would like to say thank you and congratulations for this successful running website. I am an avid visitor of the blog since the time I discovered it way back in 2012. I am contacting you to seek a favor and also to inform you that there is a newly created community for the Filipino running enthusiasts, we called it In this forum we make sure that everyone who is engaged in running can find their places. We have a section for the newbie runners, advanced, event organizer, running store owner, running blogger, photographer etc.

    Is it possible for you to help us and include this forum in your blogroll?

    We will wait for your positive response and God bless us!

    Jericho Montes
    Admin –

  • Inocentes Legaspi

    I hope i can join next year.

  • Inocentes Legaspi

    Hope i can join next year…. Does that mean i can no longer join a marathon event before that happens? TBR is only for first and second timers. I had my first last week in Subic….. hmmmm

    • admntbrjaymie

      Yes you can’t join a 2nd marathon prior to TBR or else you’ll be disqualified.

  • mary rose

    hi jaymie.. my batchmates for the tbr said that i can download the medical certificate form in this site but i can’t seem to find any. is there a required format from tbr or what the doctor issues will suffice? thank you

  • Kathrina

    Hi. How can I register? Wanted to run for my 1st Marathon. Thanks in advance.

    • admntbrjaymie

      Hi Kathrina, we open registration usually August or September every year on Hope you get in for 2015!

  • sonny Cacayan

    Ask lang kung my 21K or less. Where is the location or venue of run. Where to register.

    • admntbrjaymie

      Hi Sonny, more info on We only have 42k. It’s in NUVALI.

  • Eileen Cortez

    Hi Jamie, I”m a big fan! I would like to know if you have any info re the Condura Skyway Marathon 2014? There’s no news yet and I have been preparing sana for my first marathon. It’s unfortunate that I missed your TBR Marathon registration, but I will. Thank you very much for your immediate response. God bless you always.

  • DJ Samson

    Dear Jaime,

    I’m coursing this comment/observation through your team with the hope that your influence in the running community will change the persisting negative practice at the drinking stations.

    Running is indeed a great sport and improves ones lifestyle and discipline. But the littering at the drinking stations is a big dismay. Runners forget to observe proper cup disposal in all fun runs I have participated in (imagine the numerous fun runs), may it be sponsored by private companies (ie. Condura, Rexona) or Christian groups (ie. Victory Run). It seems that majority of pips who join fun runs belong to middle & upper class, hence educated. But ironically, do not (or forgets) to practice proper waste disposal.

    It would be great if runners will be constantly reminded (include in the running kits and announcements before actual race start)NOT to litter and throw their cups at the designated trash bins…Cheers to runner’s discipline & hygiene in all aspects.


  • Jose Mangaliman

    hi, as we all know the recent typhoon Haiyan devasted some parts of the philippines. by now an estimate 10,000 death toll is very possible to become accurate. i am hoping that the running community could join force to raise funds for the victims. forget about race bibs, forget about singlets and loot bags. we could simply ask the running community to deposit funds to existing organazation already helping. the catch is they could bring a deposit slip or reciept and running event organizers could stamp something like “i helped Haiyan victims”
    hopefully we can even ask other running organizers outside of the country to do the same and use the same stamp.
    this is a wild idea and i dont know how idealistic it is but i’m desperate. i’m not rich and i want to help.

  • Judy


    I would like to ask if I could still join in this event and where can I can register?


  • JoeDu

    I just started dating a runner and I’m trying to learn more about it. She linked me to your infamous “Date a girl who runs” to help me understand better. Now that blog seems to be gone! I know it was read in a podcast, but I need the written version. Is it still around?

  • Raf Jamolangue


    We are organizing a 2k fun run inside our village, at Classic Homes, BF Homes Paranaque City, on Oct 19, 2013. We’re expecting around 100 runners for this event. We want to ask if we can get around 150 copies of your magazine to giveaway on this event? Thank you and more power to you and your team!

    Raf Jamolangue

  • Florence Bayer

    Hi Ms. Jaymie!

    I got in the list of 900 registrants for TBR Dream Marathon. But I failed to pay for it today since my mom was out and I didn’t have a credit card to pay for it online. Can I still pay for it tomorrow?

    Hoping for your kind consideration. I really want to join the marathon.


    • admntbrjaymie

      Hi Flo, please email to inform staff to hold your slot :)

  • Erold Grimares

    Hi godmorning! Just wondring if i can be part as marshall this coming Sep run in Filinvest… never been joined in any run, just want to feel what is like to be part of the event even as a marshall. i do jog/running together with my wife Grace but not competitively.
    Greatly appreciate to be part of any event.


    Erold Grimares
    Dure Pest Control Services

    • admntbrjaymie

      Sorry I’m not the organizer of that event.

  • Steve White

    Hi Jaymie,

    I’d like to feature you in a coming issue of Action Asia magazine. Can you drop me a line pls so we can discuss. I’d want to do a short profile to go with a pic or pics of you.

    Steve W

  • Arvi de Veyra

    By the way Dra Lulu marquez does a 45min demo here at fernwood Gardens every week! by the way if you google her name she is also is a sex therapist and now a wellness consultant! I hope this info
    helps! Natutuwa lang ako talaga not only that iam back to running but I feel so
    much energized at my age!

  • Arvi de Veyra

    hi Jamie I am an avid follower of TBR! At 56 yr old I have ran 3 21k’s and that was about two years ago when I had to stop running long distance because of heart problem! Recently Iam slowly getting back to it! A month ago after I came out of hospital for acute gastritis I was introduced to
    Dra lulu Marquez anaesthesiologist at st Luke’s to Noah alkaline tablets(goggle it and study the science behind it). I didn’t realize that the water I drank in all my rans including the highly commercialized ones did not have the alkalinity
    my body needs to recover and be hydrated! This product is based in Orlando Florida and I believe every runner has to learn about it! Am not a businessman in fact Iam a pastor but Injust want everyone to know about how Noah can be great help! check it out

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