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Aside from this blog and TBR Magazine and, oh the time I spend running, I also try to actually meet many of you who sit back and read the blog from your computer screens. Here are TBR Events I organize that I hope you can join one of these days:

Where Everyone Who Crosses the Finish Line is a Winner

Event: usually March of every year
Registration: usually in September the year before since we have 6 months of training in preparation for the marathon
How to Register: First come, first served basis. Online reservation through this blog.

TBR Dream Marathon is the first and only marathon exclusively for beginners in the entire world. Since our first marathon in 2010, it’s received a lot of positive feedback from runners and sponsors alike, more than we could have ever imagined. It has encouraged and promoted the idea of “paying it forward” where more experienced, selfless “Dream Chasers” and volunteers give back to beginner runners who need support and guidance. And, most importantly, it has changed the life of every single person who crossed the finish line of our race. Just like how my first marathon changed mine way back in October 2009.

Read more about it HERE and HERE.  Or just type TBR Dream on my search box and you could spend an entire day reading through all the results.


When: once a month for 6 months from October to February the following year, usually on Wednesday evenings
Who can attend: Anyone and everyone

During the 6 months leading up to the TBR Dream Marathon every year, we offer free RUNNING TALKS led by our network of credible and well-known experts in the running community.  In the past, we’ve guested Sen. Pia Cayetano, orthopedic surgeon Dr. George Canlas, popular coach of The Biggest Loser and head of Milo-Apex run clinic Coach Jim Saret, SecondWind’s Hector Yuzon and more.  Most of those who attend our Bull Circles are registered runners of TBR Dream Marathon, but it is open to the public.  All you have to do is show up!


When: once a month for 6 months from October to February the following year, usually on Saturday mornings
Who can attend: Anyone and everyone

During the 6 months leading up to the TBR Dream Marathon every year, we also offer free RUNNING CLINICS led by a head coach, an assistant coach, and supervised by marshals along the route.  We usually start with a brief talk by our head coach, sometimes on technique, biomechanics, or training program, then we split into groups and head off for a friendly, non-competitive, and fun-filled run.  Again, most of those who attend our Bull Circles are registered runners of TBR Dream Marathon, but it is open to the public.  You’re most welcome to join us.


When: I’ll try to hold them once a month this 2012
Who can attend: those who sign up for that particular class

Because of this blog, I get to hear about the new workouts for runners or I get invited to participate in free trial sessions and the like.  It gets lonely doing this all alone and, one time, I thought I should invite TBR readers to come along; it’s hitting two birds with one stone – I get to meet you and it becomes a lot more fun!

So, whenever I’m going to try out a new activity, let’s say TRX, CrossFit, Pilates, or simply meeting a new running coach, I’ll always try to bring you along.  I’ll usually hold contests on the blog for sign up, then if you win, all you gotta do is show up.  No flaking allowed, you hear?

Note: For those interested in inviting me and my friends for a trial session, feel free to email me at tbr(at)  We’re always game for new activities that can improve our running (even if we’ll barely be able to walk the following day)

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  • kristy cuangco

    I would like to join this group.

  • frankie vibiesca

    registration still open?

  • Arnold Alvarez

    Where and when do you conduct the monthly bull sessions? I am setting my goal to my first 21K. I would like to be a TBR dream marathoner?

    • admntbrjaymie

      Hi Arnold, we hold the Bull Sessions at BGC and Nuvali. Hope you can join the next TBR Dream. More info at

  • domingo gonzaga

    hi i learned from my friend that she got a notice from TBR last night. Im wondering
    why i still dont have the message in my inbox. initially during the reservation there was an error on the email add my friend send you. I have finally registered and paid online using my email add: Please send me the notice message asap so i can accomplish it. thanks a lot

    domingo gonzaga

  • Tito latorre

    Hi- where can i see the list for those that can register and those that are on the waitig list? I registered on the and wantto find out. Thanks!!


  • Cheryl Roldan

    I just found out about registration and now the wait list is full na also. Can I be in the wait list for next year?

    I really want to join and challenge myself to be in better shape for my kiddos.

    Kudos Jaymie!

  • Vher Follosco

    I had completed 2 full marathons, Am i still qualified to join? What if during the training (kung makasali lang naman) I had joined another marathon, would I be disqualified?

    • admntbrjaymie

      Hi Vher, you’re not qualified to join anymore because you’ve done 2 marathons. For other runners, if they run over 2 marathons at any time before race day, then they will be disqualified.

  • mark valdevieso

    Hi! I am interested in joining TBRDM 2014,how qnd where can I register?

    • admntbrjaymie

      Check back this afternoon :)

  • Voltz

    How much is the fee?

  • Jeremy

    Hi Jaymie! I’m just curious, how do you check if the runner hasn’t ran more than 2 full marathons yet?

    • admntbrjaymie

      We ask the runner upon signing in. We also accept reports from the community if a runner has done over 2 marathons. (Yes, we’ve disqualified some in the past already midway through training.) End of the day, we really do trust in the runner to tell the truth. If he cheats his way into a race that’s meant for first and second timers, then he’s really just cheating himself.

  • Maricel

    hi! are second-timer marathoners allowed to join TBR 2014?

    • admntbrjaymie

      Yes! First or second timers are qualified.

  • dodie

    is the registration for 2014 is open

    • admntbrjaymie

      Not yet :)

  • Iris A

    Hi, I have a couple of friends who joined TBR Dream Marathon and who speak so highly of the whole experience. I would like to join the training sessions. How can we get updates once the online registration is open?

    • admntbrjaymie

      First, thank your friends for me. Glad they had a great time. Second, all info regarding the race will be made available at We’re currently updating all info for 2014 :)

  • Jericho

    Hello. May I also be included in the waiting list for the 2014 TBR dream marathon? Thank you!

    • admntbrjaymie

      Hi Jericho, there’s no reservation. Please stay tuned on this blog for info on registration for 2014 :)

  • Cecille Cortez

    Can you include me pls for 2014, is the registration open or the waiting list is full already for 2014? Kindly advice, I would really like to join this, thanks and God bless.

    • admntbrjaymie

      Hi Cecile, we don’t accept reservations nor do we update you. Kindly check this blog regularly for details on the opening of TBRDM 2014. Hope you can join us! :)

  • gerome

    Life-changing and fun…..join…join..join…. Glad to be part of tbrdm2013. …… not the fastest runner but still a winner….

  • darius canullas

    Gud am.. can you include this 41 year-old diabetic and newbie runner for the 2014 TBRDM

  • J.j murphy

    Will be in Manila for last three weeks of May 2013′are there any race taking place.This is my fifth time in Manila over the last five years and I have done some races in that time.when I am there I always train in the Marakina Sports Center,love the place great atmosphere with all the people exercising on the track.Met some really nice people there.

  • Patrick

    Hi Ms.bullrunner Confirm ko lang for TBRDM 2014 puno ang waiting list?
    I hope maka join ako next year 2014.
    hindi po ba first come first server sa registration?

    • admntbrjaymie

      Di pa bukas ang reg for TBRDM 2014. Yes first come first serve ang reg :)

  • Michelle Solano

    Hi Jaime. I know TBR Dream Marathon is already full for 2013. Can you recommend another full marathon for a first-timer for 2013. Thanks.

    • admntbrjaymie

      Condura Marathon on Feb 3, 2013 :)

  • Rose villarruz

    Hi… I am so interested to join tbrdm 2014 as my first full marathon.. How can i reserve for a slot? This would mean the world to me if i’d be able to join.. Thank you

  • Michael Angelo Borromeo

    Hi Jaymie. I am a lawyer from Bacolod City and I am looking for a running event where I will do my first full Mary, then I came across your blog thru a magazine. What u do is really impressive. It seems clear that TBRDM fits very well with what I imagine my first full marathon would be. It’s sad to find out that I may not be able to fulfill my goal in the coming TBRDM 2013 since the wait list getting packed up. In any case, please do include me in your wait list. Thanks.

  • jeffrey

    hi TBR!
    am slowly training for my first half marry this december. eyes set on the QCIM. now set to joining TBR Dream marathon as my first marathon.
    will visit your site regularly for reg details.

  • Donna Adalin

    I wanted to join your training/s. email me for the schedule

  • Eugene Tongol

    Hello Jaymie, The Bull dream marathon is becoming very popular. I started running 2 years ago and this year I’ve ran 6 21K events. I feel the need to step up but my busy schedule as a doctor inhibits me for training for a full marathon. I would like to become a TBR dream marathoner someday. Pls enlist me in your waiting list even if it take years to get a slot. Thank you! God bless!

    • thebullrunner

      Hi Eugene! Thank you! Hope make it to our TBRDM 2014! For now we have hundreds on wait list too :)

  • Erich Lingad

    Kindly include me in the Wait list. Thanks.

    • thebullrunner

      Hi Erich, sorry our wait list is full too :(

  • Gener Exconde

    Hi! I am also interested to join on this event. This would be my first time to run a full marathon..

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