Meet Other Runners

You know how it is when you wear your havaianas despite a dead toenail and you spend the entire day staring at other people’s feet searching for that one other person in this world whose toes have suffered the same fate. Then, you learn—after a full day of feet watching—that a lot of people have dead toenails after all. When you have a black toe, more people seem to have it too!

Then, when I was pregnant, it seemed as if everyone around me had a bump too—the woman crossing the street, the lady behind the counter, or the nurse at the hospital.

Same story with running. Ever since I started running, I started seeing runners all over the place! There is not a day (usually while I’m driving) that I do not spot runners of all shapes and sizes running along the city streets. Where were they hiding before I got into this sport?


Okay, I’m not stupid. I know that it’s just because I am more observant of things that are of interest to me. But, my question is this: Why stop at that? Why stop at scrutinizing from a distance when you can talk, share, and celebrate the common thread that binds you with the other?

Why can’t you ask: “Hey pare, how did your toenail die?” or “Hi, when is your baby due?” For us runners, it can start with “Wanna run?”

This page is for all of us runners to know each other. I’m leaving 8 questions for you to answer. Copy them, paste into the reply box below, delete my answers to put yours in, and post away. Let me start:

  1. When did you start running? December 2006
  2. Where do you run? Treadmill at home and Ayala Alabang
  3. How often do you run? 4x a week
  4. Do you run alone or with others? Preference? I do both. I enjoy running with friends, but I also look forward to running alone as MY time to think, relax (really!), and refuel.
  5. What is your favorite running accessory? I have two. Nike+ and New Balance Shoes.
  6. What is the best benefit of running for you? Freedom from the scale! My focus shifted towards getting fit and strong rather than losing those last few pounds on the scale.
  7. What is your running goal? To be a lifelong runner…oh, and the New York Marathon.
  8. Why do you run? Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE it…and also to maintain my weight. If I don’t run, I will die. I’m not kidding.