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TBR’s Past Races

{MY 2007 RACES}

Mar 18: Pinay in Action 5K 33.38
Apr 29: Play BGC Run 5k 30.15
May 20: Champion Run 10k 1:00:57
Jun 10: Run For Peace 10k 1:00:24
Jul 1: Adidas KOTR 10k 56:27
Aug 4: Barbizon MMM 2k
Aug 5: Run To Bring Hope 10k 46:57 PR
Aug. 18: Takbo Kay Ariel 5k 32:55
Sep 9: Fil-Mus Run 10k 49:15
Sep 23: Fame Fun Run 5k 28:44
Oct 27: Run For Love 10k 55:00
Dec 9: Yakult 5k 26.04 PR
Dec 16: DND AFP Team Relay 21k

{MY 2008 RACES}

Jan 13: Clark 10k 52.26
Mar 9: PIA 2.5k
Mar 30: Mizuno Run 5k 32.17
Apr 13: On Your Mark 5k
Apr 20: Global Run 5k 26.13
May 4: Runnex 5k 30.41
May 25: Doc Fit 5k 29.03, 10th Place
Jul 13: OROFOLS 5k
Jul 27: Buddy Run 5k
Aug 10: Mommy Milkshake 2k
Aug 31: Nike+ Human Race 10k 59.28, Top finisher age category
Sep 14: Animo Mini-Sprint Triathlon 1:15:07
Sep 27: Gabriel 10k 59:48, 3rd Place
Oct 5: Hope in Motion 10k 55.38, 3rd Place
Oct 11: Adidas KOTR 10k 52.52
Oct 18: Takbong May Yabang 8.6k 46.43, 2nd Place
Oct 26: Octoberun 10k 58.21
Nov 9: VSO 15k 1:33:14
Nov 16: NB 25k 2:33:10
Nov 23: Unicef 10k DNF
Dec 7: Singapore Half Marathon 21k 2:08:35

{MY 2009 RACES}

Jan 25: Happy Run5k 30.08
Mar 22: Condura 21k 2:23:52
Mar 29: Pinay in Action 1.6k
May 3: Southern Run 5k 34.29
May 10: Botak 10k 1:02
May 24: TNF 10k 1:31
Jun 7: Mizuno Infinity 15k 1:29:48 unofficial
Jun 14: Animo Minisprint Tri 1:00:25 2nd Overall
Jun 28: Gig 10k 58:44
Jul 19: Run for Home 21k 2:11
Jul 26: Come Run w/ M.E. 10k 53:00
Aug 15: Kenny’s Urbanite 5k 31.15
Aug 28-29: Hood to Coast
Sep 5: Mommy Milkshake 5k
Sep 13: EcoDash 21k 2:14
Sep 19: Gabriel Symphony 5k 1st place
Oct 10: The Rescue Run: Volunteer
Oct 11: Milo 21k 2:14
Oct 18: QCIM 42k 4:55:36
Oct 24: Nike+ Human Race 10k 59:00
Oct 25: Adidas KOTR 21k 10k 59:00
Nov 15: Timex Run 21k 2:04:27
Nov 22: Del Monte Fit ‘n Right 10k 51.20
Nov 29: New Balance 21k 2:06:35
Dec 6: Singapore 42k 4:49:18
Dec 20: Philstar Run

{MY 2010 RACES}

Jan 10: Cebu Marathon 21k 2:01
Jan 24: Run Green
Feb 7: Condura 42k 4:24
Feb 21: Century Tuna 10k 54:11
Feb 28: Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 42k 4:54
Mar 7: Run United 500m
Mar 13: Pinay in Action
Mar 21: Globe 21k 2:11
Apr 18: LapuLapu Run, Cebu 21k
Apr 24: Greenfield Sunset 21k
May 30: RunRio Nature Valley 21k
Jun 19: Rock & Run 10k
Jun 27: Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 21k 2:09
Jul 4: Milo 21k 2:03
Jul 11: Robinsons Supermarket Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run 10k 58:27
Jul 18: Dasmarinas Village Run 10k 56.33
Aug 1: Rexona 21k
Aug 15: Run to Read
Aug 29: Kraft Run 10k 48.11 1st Place
Sep 12: Fort Strider Run 10k 53.12
Oct 9: Southridge Run 10k 51.19 1st Place
Oct 17: Fort Run Fest 21k 1:52
Nov 7: The ING New York City Marathon 42k 4:57
Nov 28: Run BGC 10k 57
Dec 5: Nike 5k
Dec 27: Rizal DNF 30k

{MY 2011 RACES}

Feb6: Condura 21k 2:05
Feb27: Edsa Run 10k 53:10
Mar6: Run United 21k 1:55
Mar27: Run for Home 21k 1:57
May7: CCF 5k
May15: Goldilocks 21k 2:16
May22: Brooks Run Happy
Jul24: Rexona Run: DNF
Aug7: NBA Fit 21k 2:20
Aug14: Mommy Milkshake 3k
Oct16: Guam Koko Race 21k 2:20
Oct23: Adidas KOTR
Nov6: NYC Marathon 5:21:09
Dec4: CIM Marathon 4:41

{MY 2012 RACES}

Feb5: Condura 21k
Mar4: Run United
Mar30: Salomon Xtrail 12k
Apr14: TriUnited 1
Jun2: Merrel Trail Run
Jun10: Phuket 21k
Jun17: RunUnited
Jul1: TriUnited 2
Aug5: Ironman 70.3 Cebu
Sep30: Berlin Marathon 4:44
Oct28: Run United 21k
Nov11: NB Power Run 10k
Nov25: Run BGC 21k
Dec2: Angkor Wat 21k

  • Erick Pasaylo

    It’s nice to know that you are doing something positive to promote running and healthy lifestyle in the Philippines. Looking forward someday to run the full marathon someday when I’m on vacation in the Philippines. I started running 2 yrs ago and got hooked on running. I finished my first marathon this year the Detroit Free Press Marathon. I’m running my next one next year on Eugene Oregon this April. Looking forward to run at least one full marathon in the Philippines. Happy running !!!!

  • John Matney

    Keep up the running Faith. I like to run along the Bay at lunchtime, sometimes to the ballpark, sometimes to Fort Point/Golden Gate Bridge.

    Good luck!

  • j

    fast times… you should consider a marathon…. seriously! =)

  • Nora

    Had I ran the PIA Race last March 9, both of us would have officially started our running career with the PIA Run. Yours in 2007, mine in 2008. Too bad my daughter got sick the night before the event.

    You are one incredible woman, Jaymie. You’ve been my inspiration since May 2007 and you will always be my running idol. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll finally meet you this Aug. 3, 2008.

  • faith agustin

    It’s interesting to know that there are indeed individuals in the Philippines who are avid runners and who feel as passionate about it as I do. I say this because during my vacations to the Philippines I get curious looks from people on the streets during my morning runs. And during these runs, I have not once come across anybody who is a runner like me(save for the boxers whom I’ve seen running along Roxas Blvd). I am a a 41 year old pinay nurse living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I didn’t start running until after my son was born. I discovered running as the fastest way to get back to my prepregnant weight. And then, I got hooked. I went from running on my treadmill to running outdoors. Running outdoors gives me so much freedom. I become more aware of my surroundings. I do prefer running alone on most days. It is my time to de-stress and to think clear. I like running in the early morning, there is something surreal about sneaking out of house before my husband and child wake up, go for a 30-45 minute run and come back to the house and find them still sleeping. By the time they wake up, I would have had my cup of coffee like I didn’t even go for a run. Running is something that I can also do anywhere I am. I’ve ran on a cruise ship, on the streets of Paris and Rome, on the beaches of San Diego, Puerto Vallarta, and Bohol.
    Three years ago, I met someone who introduced me to long distance running. Both our kids were on the swim team, we would run instead of sit around waiting for our kids during swim practice. She helped me train for my first half marathon. We both ran the Nike Womens Marathon in San Francisco in 2006 and then again in 2007. Right now I am training to run the New York Marathon.

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