Monday, 5 May 2008  |  Bullish Insights

On this day, over three decades ago, I was born.

And, on the same day last year, The Bull Runner too. (This was my first post ever. My how time flies!)


We’re having a double birthday celebration today by running 100km from my place to Tagaytay followed by an eat-till-you-wobble party serving Omakase’s sushi, S&R pizza, Trio’s pasta, UCC desserts with bottomless frapuccinos. Care to join?

Oh crap, Coach ordered for complete rest today. And, I never ran past 20km. And, I’m on a diet.

Party is postponed to next year.

* Happy Birthday again to my best running buddy, Annie, who celebrated her birthday yesterday! We could’ve done a double birthday celebration— 200km with double the food!