TBR on Food Magazine – July 2011

Monday, 4 July 2011  |  Healthy Food + Recipes, Press

Thanks to Food, especially Ianne Sison-Evangelista and Nana Ozaeta, for giving me the opportunity to write “Eat to Run” for the July 2011 issue of their magazine.  (Am I the only that’s noticed that when I’m injured, food is the only other thing on my mind? Hah!)

Food Magazine_low

I wrote about my daily food regimen, how I manage my cravings (really, I try my very best all the time!), my race day diet, must have pantry items, my favorite restaurants, and last but not the least, my favorite healthy recipes (thanks to Harvs for sharing!)  I also interviewed my favorite experts Harvie de Baron, Mitch Felipe-Mendoza, Coach Ani de leon-Brown, and Coach Dan Brown to provide you with tips on proper eating.

Food Magazine1

Food Magazine4
– Grrr. Don’t laugh. I look bloated and like I just woke up here. And I really just did. –

Food Magazine2
– This is really how my breakfast looks every morning. I use honey for my coffee instead of sugar and low fat milk instead of creamer or full cream. The apple and banana are midday snacks. Oh, and I usually drop blueberries, peaches, or almonds into my oatmeal to make it munchier –

Food Magazine3
– I’m no cook, but one of my dreams right now is to take cooking classes (if I find the time). I’ve been eating my tuna-mushroom-spinach omelet with brown rice so often lately because I love it. My nutritionist friend Harvie always reminds me to vary my meals to avoid boredom, but what can I do, I can’t have enough of it! –

TBR on Smart Parenting – April 2011

Tuesday, 5 April 2011  |  Press

Thanks to Smart Parenting for featuring me in their April 2011 issue.  On the cover is Tessa Prieto-Valdes, another running mom who I’ve had the pleasure to run long with a couple of times the past month now that she’s training for Paris Marathon, along with her daughter Athena.  (Good luck in Paris, Tessa, Leana, Lit, Leah, Lara, Coach Rio, and everyone else who’s running Paris this coming Sunday!)

Smart Parenting - Cover_low

This issue has an article on running basics for beginners called “Run for Your Life” and this is where they snuck in a photo of me and a brief interview on how I got started with running.  Aack, I couldn’t help getting all sentimental about those early days.  Thanks again, Smart Parenting!

Smart Parenting_in_low

TBR Dream Marathon on GMA 24 Oras

Thursday, 24 March 2011  |  Press

Thank you to GMA for covering TBR Dream Marathon last Sunday. This is a great report that captured what TBR Dream is all about! Oh, and it also revealed the truth about our race course in NUVALI…it’s tough and challenging which makes the finish all the more fulfilling! Right, guys?

Thank you to GMA’s Mark Zambrano, future TBR Dream Marathoner Batch 2012!

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PDI List of Top 15 CEO Runners

Tuesday, 15 March 2011  |  Press

Wow. Huge thanks to Philippine Daily Inquirer for including little ol’ me in their list of Top 15 CEO Runners.  I am thankful. And, oh boy, I am so not worthy.

By the way, they said my 10k PR is 40.57 mins.  It’s a typo (although I seriously wish it wasn’t!).  Add 6 minutes to my 10k PR which is 46.57.

Click HERE to read the full article…



If I were to add a few more CEO Runners, I would include:

  • Lance Gokongwei
  • Ton Concepcion
  • Patrick Concepcion
  • Clinton Hess
  • Anton Gonzales
  • Miguel Celdran
  • Toby Claudio
  • Mark Ellis
  • Duane Santos
  • Chris Po

Men’s Health – December 2010

Friday, 17 December 2010  |  Press

Guess who’s on Men’s Health’s December issue?


Uhm…aside from Rich Herrera…

Yup. You’ll find me in one of the back pages…


Thanks to the magic of makeup I look like a speed demon here.  A friend had the perfect description for this photo: “very bullish!”

Thanks to Men’s Health and Peejo Pilar!