The Year That Was

Wednesday, 2 January 2008  |  Bullish Insights

When I am old and gray, I will look back fondly at 2007 as a pivotal point in my life, way up there with 1997 when I graduated from college, 1999 when I met the hubby on a blind date and got engaged a couple of months after, 2000 when we married, and 2001 and 2004 when my two kids were born.

2007 changed my life, or rather the way I viewed it, undeniably and largely because of running.



… I pay less attention to the numbers on the scale and focus on getting leaner, building strength and speed, and improving my health. It’s a pleasant surprise that in my 30’s I finally feel comfortable in my own skin.

… I was taught (the hard way) about the limitations of my body: discoid lateral meniscus in my knee and vasovagal syncope that caused me to faint. Now I know that subtle symptoms such as soreness in the knee, overall feeling of weakness, or thirst are loud warning bells that require rest, better nutrition, or (knock on wood) a visit to the doctor.

… I eat less junk.

… I finally understand how sports in general can make such a positive impact in one’s life. As a non-athlete all my life, I always read about how sports can “develop confidence”, “keep children off the streets”, or “help you maintain your health” but these words never meant anything to me. Now I can say: I finally get it!

… I feel empowered. It must be the long runs that have given me this “No Fear” attitude. There’s something about pushing yourself to the limits and subsequently realizing that you have gone further than you thought possible that makes you believe more in yourself.

… I forged new friendships both in the real and virtual worlds. (I’ve made so many friends in running that I’m afraid to list them here lest I forget someone, which is likely the case with my terrible memory. You know who you are, guys!)

… I discovered the capabilities of my body and mind. As a runner, I learned how fast (46.57 mins for 10k) and how long (2 hours so far) my legs could carry me. My mind, on the other hand, knows no boundaries. As far as its concerned, it can outrun Paula and Haile on any day.

… I have learned humility and patience. It was my goal to join the Pasig Marathon on February, but at this point, I’m not even sure if I’m pushing through as the meniscus problem has set me back by a month in my training program. Surprisingly, I’m not being bull headed about it. Nope, I have welcomed it with a calm, happy surrender. If it isn’t my time this Feb, then there shall be another marathon for me. Uhm, hopefully within this year? And I’m praying my first is abroad? Lord, maybe New York? If not, perhaps Singapore? May I add without any injuries? Er, did I mention “surrender”?

How about you? What did running teach you last year or the years before?