2010 Goals

Thursday, 31 December 2009  |  Bullish Insights

“Consider goals as launching pads to something far greater.”
– Cyndi Laurin

I began last year’s post with the quote above. And, this is how I intend to start 2010 and the rest of my running years thereafter as well. Forget resolutions; work towards a specific, attainable goal instead. Here are my 2010 goals for running:

  • To run a 4:30 marathon (4:15 would be an awesome bonus!)
  • To run a sub-2 hour half marathon
  • To run beyond 42k
  • To run any one of my dream marathons this year: Tokyo, New York, Paris, Chicago, Big Sur, or San Francisco. Another goal would be to figure out how I’ll get there!
  • To lose the 4 lbs. I gained two Christmases ago…gulp.
  • To listen to my body even when my mind says “Go, go, go!”
  • To remain consistent with 2x a week strength training (I don’t think I’ll ever learn to love the gym)
  • To eat less Cheetos Jalapenos (Lord, please help me on this one!)
  • To eat more fruits (I heart kiwis!) and more veggies
  • To drink less coffee and more tea (Starbucks’ non-fat Chai tea latte is my current addiction)
  • To drink more water
  • To blog more often
  • To visit my favorite running blogs regularly and to discover new ones!
  • To reply to all your emails/ comments (So sorry for not answering sometimes. This work-at-home mommy is always running all over the place–literally and figuratively!)
  • To launch my dream project, one that will finally allow me to use running to create some kind of positive change
  • Last but not the least, here’s a repeat goal from 2009, to continue to love running as I do now and as I’ve done since the day I started in 2006.  Some people have a love-hate relationship with running, but mine is all love. I only hope that running will love me back just the same by allowing me to run longer and faster for the rest of 2010.

Have a great 2010 to all of you!