TBR DREAM STORIES: Aleta Yao, Bib No. 302 & Carlos de Guzman, Dream Chaser Bib No. 22

Wednesday, 26 May 2010  |  Bullish Insights

This isn’t just a story about running, it’s a story about love…between a TBR Dream Marathoner and her Personal Pacer.

At TBR Dream Marathon, we only allowed for 30 Personal Pacers and 30 Dream Chasers.  The limited slots were first come, first served.  The slots were in great demand and they filled briskly.

This was a letter I received a month before TBR Dream Marathon, which tugged at my heartstrings and got me all teary eyed…


Hi Jaymie!

I have a question regarding your upcoming full mary this May.

My girlfriend (Aleta Yao) is joining your race and this will be her first 42k.

Can I run with her the whole distance?  I promised her that I will be there to be with her every step of the way. I’ve already done 2 marathons and 3 ironmans.  I wont be racing for a P.R. or anything.

My girlfriend is very special to me and I wanna be there with her as she experiences this very meaningful “first” in her life…Plus I just wanna show her how much I really love her and adore her all the time…And running with her the whole way is one of the things that I know will help me show that to her…

My problem is, the 200 limit is probably full but if ever, I don’t wanna take the slot of someone who is doing the full distance for the first/second time.  What’s the best way for me to join this run? Can I register for the event? Running bandit most definitely is out of the question.  Or can I be a Dream Chaser or something?  I will be bringing my own nutrition with me and it’s perfectly ok with me to pay the reg fee even if I wont receive any of the gels, timing chip, bibs, etc.

Thanks jaymie and hoping for a favorable reply.


So it came to be that Carlos got his wish.  He was one of the first to sign up for a much coveted Personal Pacer position for his girlfriend Aleta.  And, on the big day of the race, Carlos and Aleta showed up at the starting line together.



And, Aleta (Bib No. 302) had her pacer and her boyfriend by her side throughout the entire run…



Here’s the letter I received from Carlos two days after Aleta’s first marathon…

FROM CARLOS, MAY 24, 2010:

hey Jaymie,

First of all i just wanna thank you for letting me participate as a pacer at the dream marathon.

I wanna say kudos too for organizing such a FANTASTIC race.

Even the term fantastic would be an understatement for the event that u just did.

The race was very very very organized…. I cant say that enough.  From the aid stations, the support crew, the logistics, everything!

It was perfect. the first/second timers are really really lucky.

I’ve done a lot of races like Singapore Marathon, Ironman West Australia and I can say that this is almost up to par all of em.

From the organization, down to the execution.

Honestly i think you may have set the bar too high though hehe 🙂 Everyone’s gonna get spoiled now when you organize another race.

But I’m sure that wont be a problem for you 🙂

Again, I just wanna say thanks jaymie for making a lot of people’s dream (including my gf aleta yao) come true.

I’m very honored to be part of this once in a lifetime event.



* Some images courtesy of Photovendo