Li’l TBR Turns 7!

Thursday, 28 February 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Today is a special day. It is the Little Bull Runner’s 7th Birthday today.

Like any mother bull, I am quite amazed at how fast my little baby has grown. Once upon a time, he needed me by his side every waking minute. Now, he is an independent little boy. A little bit on the shy and quiet side just like me when I was young. But, he is smart (ranked 1st in his class for last quarter), creative (loves drawing and art), confident (When I told him his class won in a sports event while he was absent, he innocently replied “How did they win if I wasn’t there?”) and, last but not the least, happy.


– Anton at a football tournament a few weeks back –

Little TBR says that football is the sport for him and we respect that. Lucky for me, he enjoys running too. When I asked him if he wanted to join the Condura Run with me this coming Sunday, he confidently replied “Okay. I’m going to be the fastest kid there.”

The Condura Run would’ve been his 4th race, but the first time that I would be his guardian. During past races, I would run 10k while my hubby would accompany my son at 3k. Due to my injury, I was looking forward to running along with him and enjoying the bonding experience. Secretly, I also planned on subtly training him for future races, to teach him how to warm up properly, to learn to find his pace, and most of all, to enjoy racing as I do. Unfortunately, my little boy had fever all throughout the week and only recovered today. My plan has been shelved—at least temporarily until he fully recovers.

Before I go, you may have noticed that I revised the header that many of you said were too “macho” for prim and proper me (okay, I just added in the last portion of that sentence.) I finally got the go-signal from my creative director, little TBR aka Birthday Boy, who as I’ve mentioned was the one who chose the “mean-looking” bull over the pink one which wore rubber shoes. When I told him that several readers commented that the bull was not “me,” he replied like an artist who must comply with his client’s request, “Fine. Change the bull. Just make sure you don’t use that background with flowers and shoes again.” Then he adds, “Maybe you want to change the color of the rubber shoes or remove it.” I reply with a nod, “Yes, Sir.” Anything Little TBR asks for, he gets—at least on his birthday.