Bull’s Eye: Asics Sky Speed 2 (and more running shoes)

Thursday, 16 June 2011  |  Gear + Gadgets

This Bull’s eye spotted Asic’s Skyspeed 2. WOW!  This is one handsome shoe.  May I say even more handsome than Piolo?!  (You know I’ll take running shoes over men anytime!)

SkySpeed M
– Asics Sky Speed 2 Men –

* NOTE: “BULL’S EYE” will be a new series on thebullrunner.com.  This will feature new gear, products, or services that catches my eye. These will NOT be paid endorsements or advertisements unless otherwise stated.

I dropped by the Asic’s showroom last week to check out the Autumn-Winter 2011 collection of Asics.  I was thrilled with the new line of shoes. Looks like Asics is adding more than a dash of color to its new running shoes—and I’m loving it!

Like I said, I fell head over heels for the Asics Gel DS – Sky Speed 2.  It’s a newcomer in Asics’ line of products and almost like the little brother of my favorite Asics’ shoe, Asics Gel – DS Trainer.  It can be used as an everyday trainer. Price: P6,500. Available in Asics GB3

Bad news about the Asics Sky Speed 2 though: it’s only available for Men locally.  Sob sob.  To my fellow female runners: I begged Asics to sell the Women’s Sky Speed 2 seen below.  Let me know if you think I should collect signatures for a petition!

– Bright green Asics Sky Speed 2 Women on the right –

My 2nd favorite is the Asics Gel-DS Trainer 16.  This is a supportive, lightweight trainer.  I had the older model which, unfortunately, my foot just doesn’t agree with, but a lot of my runner friends swear by this shoe.  Price: P6,250. Available in Asics GB3

DS Trainer
– Asics DS Trainer 16 Women –

For those of you who want light and fast shoes for races, the Asics Gel-DS Racer 8 looks fantastic too. This is a unisex shoe. Don’t you just love that copper line that cuts across? Price: P5,500.

DS Trainer M
– Asics DS Racer 16 Men –

The new collection of Asics boasts of new features which include:

1) Guidance Line – This is a line that runs at the outer sole of the shoe.  It helps fix your stride instead of wavering when you’re starting to get tired.  Almost like training wheels for your foot.  This is available only with some models, namely Kayano 17, Cumulus 13, Nimbus 13, GT 2160, DS Trainer 16, Sky Speed 2 and more.

Guidance Line
– Look closely and you’ll see the words “Guidance Line” –

2) AHAR Heel Plugs – This is a high resistance rubber on the heel of the outer sole of the shoe for extra durability.


3) Soft Top Duo Max for Women – Only Asics makes a unique system for the insole that caters specifically to a Women’s needs. It makes for a more comfortable ride and protects women from injury. I heard sales for Asics Women’s shoes soared in the US because of this new feature.

Duo Max

Okay, I took down a lot of notes for you. Here’s the WEIGHT OF ASICS RUNNING SHOES (in ounces) for most shoes:

  • Nimbus 13 – M 11.5 | W 9.5
  • Cumulus 13 – M 11.8 | W 9.3
  • Kayano 17 – M 12.6 | 10.4
  • GT 2160 – M 11.7 | W 9.6
  • GT 1160 – M 10.7 | W 9.5
  • DS Trainer 16 – M 10 | W 8.5
  • Sky Speed 2 – M 9.9 | W 7.9
  • Piranha – M 4.6
  • Tarther – M 7.4 | Tarther Diva 6.2
  • DS Racer 8 – M 7.6