TBR Dream Marathoner Bea Azcuna on Women’s Health Sep 2011

Monday, 26 September 2011  |  Bullish Insights

I first met Bea Azcuna in TBR Dream Marathon 2010.  She volunteered to pace her sister, Rina Siongco, who had signed up for the marathon.  By the second TBR Dream, as what I’ve observed with anyone who witnesses the magic at a TBR Dream, Bea had returned as a participant.

I would see Bea on the road training for TBR Dream.  And, she was present at most of our Bull Sessions.  It was evident that she was committed to finishing her first marathon not just with a strong body but, as you’ll notice with Bea, her cheerful disposition.

There’s an inspiring article on Bea Azcuna and her story training and finishing TBR Dream Marathon 2011 in Women’s Health – September 2011 issue with Lovi Poe on the cover.  Get your copies now!



Thanks to Lara Parpan and the Summit staff and, of course, to Bea Azcuna who I continue to see running on the roads aiming for bigger dreams!