7 More Days to Success Summit

Friday, 3 May 2013  |  News + Promos

Just 7 more days until the Success Summit on May 10, 2013!



  1. This event features people who have been there so you’re going to hear their actual experiences and insights on their path to success which you can enjoy as well.
  2. You will learn a system on how you can overcome your limitations,roadblocks and problems that prevent you from moving forward.
  3. Receive the principles on how you can get the esteem and recognition that you’ve been missing so you can propel your career and personal life.
  4. Realize that money is actually easy to get if you know how to master it.
  5. Discover what really is your passion and purpose and how you can profit from it.

I’m looking forward to learning from all the other speakers, but I’ll also be sharing some tips on how my passion for running allowed me to earn a little extra something too.  Hope to see you there!

For more info, click HERE.