Checklist for an International Race

Thursday, 3 December 2009  |  Gear + Gadgets

The last thing you want to happen on the eve of your international race is this: You’re laying out all your gear at the hotel room only to discover that you’ve left one or two items behind. Gasp!  It could be something as vital as your lucky underwear (horror!) or as tiny as a nail cutter. But, big or small, all these little things matter if you want to perform well on race day.

Here’s my own checklist for my Singapore trip. Feel free to edit as you wish.  (Last year, I left behind the keys to my luggage. I don’t think you’ll make a mistake as dumb as that one!)


  1. top: still deciding!
  2. bottom: CW-X compression tights
  3. running shoes: Nike Lunar Glides
  4. underwear
  5. socks: Wrightsocks or Nike
  6. insoles: Spenco orthotics full
  7. mp3: iPod shuffle
  8. watch: Garmin 310XT
  9. HRM
  10. cap
  11. extra set of apparel for changing
  12. post-race slippers: Betula (note that in Singapore you’ll walk back to your hotel!)
  13. water belt: amphipod
  14. gels: Hammer (espresso)
  15. hydration: Gatorade endurance powder
  16. cellphone: Samsung B2100 (it’s waterproof!)
  17. Body Glide
  18. shades: Optic Nerve
  19. hair accessories: no slip rubber bands
  20. small towel (can “borrow” from the hotel)
  21. small pack of tissue
  22. Printed Singapore registration form
  23. small bag for check in at race (with nametag)
  24. camera, extra batteries
  25. anti-inflammatories
  26. Fern-C
  27. Berocca
  28. Caltrate
  29. Glucosamine
  30. Neosporin – what I use on blisters or chafing
  31. nail cutter
  32. shaver
  33. needle to pop blisters (sorry gross!)
  34. tape
  35. bandaid
  36. powder (for my foot to prevent blisters)
  37. coffee (I stick to my own brand and try not to experiment with what hotel provides)
  38. food: Nature valley bars, graham crackers, pretzels
  39. detergent (to wash race clothes in)
  40. plastic to hold wet race clothes
  41. small plastic for ipod
  42. large ziplock for ice