Kuala Lumpur: Pre-KL Marathon

Saturday, 26 June 2010  |  Bullish Insights

Hubby and I arrived in rainy Kuala Lumpur in the wee hours of this morning.  We did so much today, I feel like we’ve been here for a week.

We checked into Citrus Hotel at 2 a.m. where Renze of Newton and CW-X and our best bet for a half marathon podium finish, Cebuana runner Mary Grace, were already booked the day before. Citrus Hotel is a low-cost hotel with an old bathroom and a spider as special guest, hotel service that was reluctant to provide more than one extra pillow, and a carpeted room that just made me itch wondering if it was clean at all. I woke up at 8 a.m. on my hard mattress to receive good news: Renze was moving us to a better hotel. Thank. You. Lord!

– The only thing good about Citrus Hotel was 1) free wifi and 2) a good view of Kuala Lumpur from our room –

At 10 a.m., we rushed off to meet Pinoy running friends Pace Partners.  I was excited to see April again, one of the founders of Pace Partners who had recently moved back to Penang from Manila.  We had a filling brunch over great conversation at Central Market.  It was there that I learned that the Pace Partners are great runners, but even better eaters!

Together, we visited the race start at Dataran Merdeka…

– Race start is right behind us –

– There you go…the race start without us blocking your view –

– When you gotta go, you gotta go –

We picked up our race packets together at Stadium Titingwasa…

– Just one of our many photo op stops on our way to the Stadium –

– Once again, here’s the view that we blocked –

– Ang iniiiiit! Let’s hope it’s cooler tomorrow –

– Organizers provided free shuttle service for race packet redemption –

– Nice park near the stadium –

– Hubby and I after claiming our race packets. It was quick and efficient –

We shopped briefly at the small expo at the side of the stadium…

– Pace Partner girls definitely know how to shop –


We ate again at Suria Mall (told you PP know how to eat!) and parted ways with the Pace Partners. Thanks to the Pace Partners for the wonderful time!

Hubby and I shopped to our heart’s delight at Suria and Pavillion Malls.  Well, all I took home was lipstick (so if I mess up tomorrow at least I look good…kidding!)

– At Pavillion Mall with aching feet. Wish me luck tomorrow. I’ve never done this much walking before a half –

– Whoops…wrong sport. KL is going gaga over soccer…like the rest of the world –

Then, we had a fine dinner with Renze at an Italian restaurant in Pavillion Mall before we moved into our new hotel, Impiana Hotel which is just wonderful.

– with Renze, our gracious host and sponsor, and hubby –

Mary Grace was probably the only one who was doing the right thing the night before the race.  She was resting in her hotel room.  We dropped by to wish her all the best for tomorrow…

– Thanks to Newton and CW-X, Mary Grace can take a shot at a podium finish for half marathon at KL Marathon –

I’m all set for my half marathon tomorrow…and so is my gear…


Hubby is fast asleep, so I better get some shut eye too.  Otherwise, he might outrun me! Sssshhhh…


– Love the name that Renze put on the bib! –

My Birthday Wish List (Part 2)

Thursday, 23 April 2009  |  Gear + Gadgets

To continue my never-ending, ever-growing wish list of running items…(see My Birthday Wish List Part 1 for No. 1)

2. Crocs Prepair for athletes

What you wear after or before a run is just as important as your running shoes, especially for flat-footed people like me. My doctor told me to avoid wearing flat slippers all day so I’m forever in rubber shoes lately. I think these Crocs were made for me.


– reduces muscle fatigue
– aids in recovery
– reduces strain on your body
– more arch support

Read more about it in Crocs’ blog.

3. New ipod Shuffle 4GB

It’s only 1.8 inches tall; this baby won’t bother me during a run—so unlike the nano I used to strap on my arm.  It’ll also carry more songs than my current 2GB shuffle.  I want! 


Click here to visit mac site.

4. Vibram Five Fingers

With all my crazy injuries mainly caused by my collapsing arch, I have been reading about the benefits of barefoot running.  Doctors I’ve asked have responded differently: some are completely against it, others are so-so, while a running-doctor I know practices it often (Hi Doc Paolo of Pinoy Ultra Runners!)  While I do want to try it on grass, I’m afraid of any new injuries I may get from stepping on nails, insects, or worse a snake (talk about wild imagination, eh?)  So, I think the VFF will give me my much desired protection from the ground.


Click here to visit Vibram Five Fingers site.

5. Skins/ CW-X/ 2XU

Any brand of compression tights will do for me! I have one pair of Skins and I used it at Condura. Woah, it blew me away. It kept my muscles tight (leading to the good behaviour of my ITB and knee during the race) and, much to my pleasant surprise, it was breathable and light. It didn’t get soaked in sweat but actually dried quickly. I heard that it’s good to have another pair to use AFTER a race to aid in muscle recovery. I agree—the more, the merrier!

Photo from Skins.net

– enhanced circulation
– faster muscle recovery
– moisture wicking
– reduces the build up of lactic acid

Read more on:

5. Nike Night Vest

For running at night, this vest has reflective panels to keep you visible to motorists.  I tried it at Nike Bonifacio High Street and it’s lightweight and comfortable. Retail price: P495. 

Note to hubby: this is NOT a stand-alone gift; it must be purchased along with other items on the list.


For now, this is it.  But, knowing me, I may just come out with Birthday Wish List 3.  I hope hubby’s ready for it.