Trippin’ Over Disney

Monday, 1 November 2010  |  Bullish Insights

We had two fun-filled days at Disneyland…


There was a whole lot of laughing and riding…


nervous groans and hugs…






and more jumping.


The third and last day almost came to a perfect end with a solo morning run around Disneyland. It was to be a fast 8k along the sidewalks of the busy roads around the hotel and theme parks. It wasn’t as chilly as my past morning runs around Glendora so a 5:30 pace felt comfortable and surprisingly easy.

By 2k, I was enjoying the sights while speeding along the sidewalk of Katella Ave. when… WHAM! BAM! KA-PLAAAM!… I tripped over that annoying uneven part of the sidewalk that no one ever sees. In a split second, I landed on both knees, slid over the road just like superman, and lay on my tummy for a few more seconds in complete shock.

What had just happened? No way. I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t so much that I tripped. But, that this had to happen a week before marathon day. I couldn’t believe my luck.

I got up to see both palms scraped. My leggings had a huge hole where I landed. Much to my horror, my left knee was wounded. My right knee was not bleeding, but it felt worse.  The impact of the landing had been stronger on the right knee.  I was more worried about this because I couldn’t walk properly on the way back. I returned to the hotel room and iced the knees and bandaged them.


– Yeooouch! –

As of this writing, I’ve missed two training runs, which includes my last long run this morning. While I can walk better now (I walked like Erap all around Legoland yesterday!), the wound is still open and wet. I hope it dries up tomorrow so I can squeeze a morning run before we fly off to New York.

It was so unfortunate that I fell, but the way I see it I was pretty lucky to have escaped with no broken bones. It’s good too that there’s enough time for the wound to dry up and the inflammation to subside. I just hope I don’t trip again anytime soon (ack!) and that I can run again ASAP to burn all these calories from excessive eating. Life is still good!