To Doc Fit or Not

Saturday, 28 February 2009  |  Bullish Insights

Should I run or not?  I’m registered for Doc Fit 10k tomorrow and I’m still undecided about showing up.

Let’s see.  Since January, I’ve sought the advice of two of the more popular ortho surgeons, two acupuncturists, and a great PT.  All have advised me to CONTINUE RUNNING, with a matching reassuring look whenever I ask “Are you sure?”  Yes, they’ve said the Runner’s Knee/ITBS problem is a muscle imbalance that will disappear with stretching and strengthening.  In the meantime, they advise me to continuing training especially, as my PT advises, if I want to run well for Condura Half.  (Talk about pressure!)

Then, there is Runner’s World.  If you browse through the articles and forums (which is, uhm, a daily habit for me), almost everyone will tell you to REST if you want to fully recover from ITBS.  I also have a well-informed and super helpful runner friend, Alvin, who is not just a marathoner, but one who did it after recovering from ITBS.  He knows his stuff and he’s been telling me to REST, REST, REST.  He said that over and over even when he caught me running at Bonifacio High Street last Thursday.  (He knew I was on a secret two-week hiatus from running, which I failed because I gave up on the 9th day!)

What to do?!  Why the conflicting tips?!  Times like this, all I can believe in is Dean Karnazes.  He was right in saying: “Listen to everyone.  Follow no one.”

At the end of the day, a runner can only listen to one’s body and decide from there.  So, I shall remain silent for the rest of the day, patiently waiting for my tight thighs and misaligned kneecap to tell me if they want to join Doc Fit tomorrow.  They better decide soon because there are only a few hours left in the day.

See you if I see you!