You’re Not Invincible. Go Get a Check Up.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014  |  Therapy + Injury

One common mistake among people who live healthy lives is that they think they’re invincible.  “Hey, I workout 6x a week, I eat well, I don’t smoke nor drink, I get 8 hours of sleep, and I haven’t been sick the past year, I’m in the pink of health.”  Sound like you?  Well, that was me before I went for my check up at Hi-Precision Diagnostics Plus.

Little did I know that, despite my absurdly healthy lifestyle, genetics still plays a key role in one’s overall health and, as you’ll see in the results later on, I am my Father’s daughter when it comes to cholesterol. Gaaah!

To add, some of us don’t experience any symptoms of cardiovascular disease or any major ailments until it’s too late.  For athletes like us who constantly push our bodies to the limits while training or racing, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.  Get a check up and get cleared of any major issues before engaging in rigorous physical activity.

So, it was a blessing for me that Hi Precision contacted me a couple of months ago and offered to provide me with a few tests at the Hi Precision Diagnostics Plus, Powerplant Mall in Rockwell.


My first reaction upon entering the door of Hi Precision in Powerplant Mall (near True Value and Hi Lux) was:  Where was this before?!!  My family and I are in this mall almost every weekend, but I never saw it before.

– Information area at Hi Precision Diagnostics Plus –

– It was a pleasure to meet May Manahan of Hi Precision who took good care of me during my tests –

– The machines, equipment, and facilities were very impressive. I felt like I was in a world class hospital –

Inside Hi Precision, the receptionist greeted me, confirmed my appointment, and I was led inside the laboratory to wait for my bloodtest. There were various rooms for different tests just like in a hospital.  As I walked through the halls, I thought again: “How can this huge place exist without my knowing?!”  I was quite impressed with the cleanliness of their facilities, the high-tech equipment, the friendly staff, and the great location which made it so convenient to get tests done.

After less than 5 minutes wait, my blood pressure was taken as well as my weight.

They extracted blood for my bloodtest (I had 10 hours of fasting prior to this).  Then, I was given a bottle to collect urine for my urinalysis.  The entire process took no more than 15 minutes.


Next, I was ushered into a room for my 2D Echo. This is essentially an ultrasound of the heart.

– Their staff is warm and friendly here –

The nurse attached sticky patches on me and connected these to the electrocardiogram machine.  She was kind enough to explain to me what we would be doing and asked me to lie down on the bed.  It was a simple non-invasive procedure, which took around 5 to 10 minutes only.

I also had the ECG or Electrocardiogram which tests the electrical activity in my heart done here too.


If there was anything I was looking forward to, it was the treadmill stress test.  (I think all of us runners get excited to test our endurance wherever it may be. Yes, even a clinic!)  Unfortunately, there was a problem with their machine that day and I was asked to return.

Two days after, I returned ready to take on the challenge! I cracked my fingers and toes and prepared myself for the test.

– In full workout gear for my treadmill stress test! LOL –

The doctor who supervised the test advised me that there would be 8 stages with 3 minutes per stage.  (Aaah! A multistage event!)  My blood pressure would be taken every 2 minutes.  The elevation would increase from stage 1 to 3, while the speed would increase beginning stage 4.  (I love a challenge!)  She reminded me that I didn’t have to run and tire myself because the only goal was to reach 85% of my maximum heart rate.  (Whoakay. Fine.)

The test started and I walked first, then ran as it sped up.  When my HRM hit 87%, the doctor asked me if I wanted to continue the test because I could already stop.  Thinking about my interval run the following day, I asked them to stop.  I thought it best to save my energy for the real training run!

– That’s my heart rate! –


After the test, I was advised to wait for consultation with the doctor.  This took longer than expected as I was made to wait for over an hour.  Thankfully, the clinic is situated in Rockwell Mall so it was quite easy to pass the time.

The doctor went through my test results quickly.  She basically explained that everything was normal except for high cholesterol.

Say what?!!  High cholesterol?!!  The doctor advised me to watch my diet and cut back on fatty food.  I replied:  “Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to cut because I eat relatively healthy.”  I was shocked.  I exercise 6x a week and eat pretty well.  I asked: “Could it be genetics? My dad had high cholesterol and was diabetic.”  The doctor said it could be genetics, but advised me to watch my diet and have another test done a month after.

Despite the bad news, I know now that living an active and healthy lifestyle is even more important for someone like me who has high cholesterol and diabetes in her genes.  The series of tests was an eye-opener for me reminding me that no matter how healthy and strong I feel, I should get regularly check ups to really know what’s going on in my body and, more importantly, to determine if I’m fit and healthy enough to push my body to the limits when I participate in races.

Maybe you should consider getting a check up too, eh?

Website: Hi Precision Diagnostics