Give Your Dad (or Mom) the Gift of Health with a Mind & Body Wellness Package

Monday, 4 June 2012  |  News + Promos

So Father’s Day is coming up.  And Mother’s Day just passed (uh oh, failed to give my mommy a gift!)  If you’re thinking of a gift for your dad or making up for missed presents for your mom like me, here’s a gift I highly recommend that my old officemate told me about: ENERVON PRIME MIND & BODY WELLNESS PACKAGE.

Before you think this is just like any other promo, read on.  I’m posting about it because 1) You’re a runner.  You know the importance of good health. 2) You’re probably concerned about your parents’  health as well.  3) This is really a good deal that I hope you can avail of for your parents.  I’ll probably get one for my Mom.


1) You buy 4 boxes of Enervon Prime 400g.  Total product cost – P1,600.  You give the Enervon Prime to your parents for consumption.

2) Then, in return for the purchase, you receive a Executive Check Up GC for your parents at St. Luke’s Medical Center.  You basically get a FREE Executive Check up for your parents worth P3,446.

Told you it’s a great deal!


Here’s the Press Release for more information…



Enervon Prime has higher levels of Mind & Body Nutrients (versus other nutritional milk supplement brands) your senior parents need at this stage of their lives.
– Enervon Prime Energizes the Mind with Taurine, Folic Acid and Vitamins B6 & B12 to help maintain healthy nerve, brain and memory function
– Enervon Prime also Energizes the Body with Vitamins C & E and Zinc to help promote optimum immune function. It is also high in Calcium for optimum bone health

St. Luke’s Medical Center’s legacy of excellence surpasses all expectations. For over a century, St. Luke’s superior brand of healthcare service has made it truly world class. Its continuous passion for healthcare innovation makes St. Luke’s one of the best hospitals in the Philippines and a top choice of medical and health-related practitioners and patients for executive check-ups.

On the free Executive Check-Up at St. Luke’s Medical Center:
– Despite our busy lifestyles, one should not forget to keep one’s health in check. The best way to keep yourself healthy and productive is by having a comprehensive health or executive check-up. When done regularly, you can prevent the onset of disease as well as seek early medical treatment for any health issues that may be detected.

– At St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City and Quezon City, the Wellness Center provides programs that are designed to promote preventive care and help patients achieve success in lifestyle change. A wide range of services are available to keep you informed about your present health condition, as well as help you develop a plan to achieve specific health goals.

Do you want to show your parents you care? Do you want them to experience the best healthcare in the country? Then take advantage of this great CashCashPinoy deal! For only P1,600, the ENERVON PRIME MIND & BODY WELLNESS PACKAGE comes with 4 boxes of Enervon Prime Choco plus a FREE Executive Check-Up Gift Certificate from St. Luke’s Global City Health and Wellness Center worth P3,446!

Enervon Prime is a nutritionally balanced milk supplement specially formulated for older adults to cope with the changes in their bodies’ physiologic function as well as nutritional and dietary requirements. It contains high quality milk protein and other essential nutrients to maintain general good health, and is available in delicious chocolate flavor.

The Wellness Center provides expert quality care and attention from highly respected physicians and healthcare providers, and is equipped with state-of -the-art diagnostic equipment. At Global City, the Felicidad Sy Health and Wellness Center provides utmost patient convenience as all procedures for a comprehensive medical check-up are located at one, well-appointed location at the hospital’s 7th floor.

The Free Executive Check-Up included in the ENERVON PRIME Mind & Body Wellness Package is a basic out-patient annual physical examination. It contains the following tests/procedures:
– Complete Blood Count (CBC)
– Urinalysis
– Fecalysis
– Chest X-ray (PA View)
– ECG – Electrocardiography
– Physical Examination with Wellness Triage Physician

If necessary, these can be backed up by supplementary tests and consultations.

There’s no better day than today to show your parents how much you love them. Avail of the ENERVON PRIME MIND & BODY WELLNESS PACKAGE and give them the gift of health!

• Fill up the Delivery Form after making the online purchase
• The Enervon Prime bundle and Executive Check-Up Gift Certificate will be delivered to the address listed on the Delivery Form (Philippine address only), within 1 week of purchase. Delivery is free of charge.
• Purchase as many times as you want.
• Participants must go to St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City or in Global City to avail of the free Executive Check Up, after scheduling an appointment.
• The Executive Check-Up Gift Certificates are valid from June 1, 2012 to May 30, 2013.