Like Me and Tweet Me!

Thursday, 5 January 2012  |  Bullish Insights

Woohoo. We’ve finally installed these little buttons below each blogpost.  (I feel so techy already!)  Actually, many of you noticed it even before I did! Haha.


Feel free to click on the Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Other Buttons whenever you wish to do any of the following: (except of course the fake buttons above.  That’s just an image, silly!)

  1. Share the post with friends who could learn a thing or two from it
  2. Share the post with enemies who could learn a thing or two from it
  3. Express in a silent way that the article gave you a new insight or touched your heart
  4. Tell me that you loved the article and there are absolutely no words to describe how its changed your running and your life
  5. Check if your mouse button is working

But, please keep in mind that I still love receiving COMMENTS more.  I know, I know, I don’t get to reply to each one of you, but I’m trying really, especially this year.  Know that I read each one and smile, or laugh, or scratch my head, or punch a hole into the wall (I’m kidding) after reading your thoughts and insights.

Thanks to Marc of Sheeromedia for helping me out with this one!

Win a Trip to HK Marathon

Wednesday, 3 December 2008  |  Race Announcements

I thought I would be willing to do anything to win a free trip to the Hong Kong Marathon in February 2009.  But, after reading this Facebook promo, I realized that I’m more chicken than I thought.  Here’s the promo:

Win a trip to the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon!

The second Facebook competition is back, and like the marathon this year, it is bigger and better than ever! 

Stand a chance to win a trip to Hong Kong to take part in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2009, happening on 8 February 2009!

Write a post on the group’s Facebook Discussion Board’s thread, and tell us the craziest thing you would do on 7 December to show the 49,999 other runners what the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon means to you. 

The selected winner will then be informed on 6 December, and he or she will have to carry out the idea during the run in order to claim the prize.

That last sentence just does it for me.  I could go on and on about the crazy, funny things I could possibly do, but if I have to carry them out before I get my hands on those free tickets then—uhm—excuse me but I may come down with a cold on race day.  

Just for fun, let’s answer a similar question:  What would be the craziest, wackiest thing you would do in  a local race of 500 runners to win, let’s say, an all expense paid trip and entrance to the New York City Marathon 2009?