2009 Timex Run

Monday, 16 November 2009  |  Race Reports

2009 Timex Run

Race Organizer: Finish Line
Overall rating (10 highest): 10


  • Very well organized from beginning to end
  • Use of timing chip
  • Race packets were organized: bib and chips sealed in plastic
  • Nice singlet
  • Accurate and sufficient number of kilometer markers and directional signs
  • Marshals in uniform at every corner
  • Hydration stations had long tables containing cups readily filled with very cold water or 100Plus
  • Bananas provided for half marathoners
  • More than enough portalets at the race start
  • Excellent pre- and post- hosting of the show
  • Loot bags, shirts, and towels distributed for free after the race
  • No lines at the assembly, finish, or picking up of loot bags
  • Entertainment such as cheerleaders and music
  • Announcement of race number and name upon nearing the finish
  • Awesome race medals
  • Runpix race analysis
  • Photovendo photos
  • Booths and shopping after the race
  • Option to watch Pacquiao match at a nearby tent
  • Immediate release of results (Click here for official race results)


  • None


The Timex race was the best organized local race by far. There was nothing to rant about and more than enough to rave about. Truth to tell, Timex and Finish Line didn’t just fulfill runners’ expectations for a well-organized race but exceeded it. Every single detail was covered in this race down to the cold water at the many water stations to the uniformed marshals every 10 meters of Lawton Avenue. As I said to Timex manager Gemma Pagsibigan and race organizers Coach Rio de la Cruz and Vince Mendoza just hours after the event, the race was perfect! Hats off to Timex and Finish Line and may you continue to spoil us runners with such a remarkable race in the years to come.


My 2nd and Last 20 Miler before Singapore

Timex was going to be my last 20 mile run before Singapore Marathon on Dec. 6. Along with my coach-friend Alvin, we planned on running 21k at an easy 6:30 min/km and the balance 11k at 6 min/km. Sounded good to me!

Right on Track…for Km 1!

For the first kilometer, we were right on track at 6:30 pace. Alvin, the hubby—who was going for his first ever 21k (woohooo!)—and I ran alongside each other. By kilometer 2, we were still fine going at 6:25. When we reached Buendia flyover, we slowly started picking up the pace. Hubby took it easy and ran with a cousin, while Alvin and I went ahead.

Speeding Up

So much for plans! For the rest of the half marathon, our pace was sub 6 all the way, except for Km 15 & 16 which went up to 6:05. I felt strong and I was having fun (which is always the priority at every run, is it not?) so we just went on and on and on.

Every now and then, Alvin would gingerly tell me to slow down, and I would retort the same way he would during our lung-busting tempo runs: “This is downhill so we can go a bit faster here.” or “It’s fine. This will average out at the end.”

I don’t even recall any major incident during this joyous run, except for the motorist caught in Pasong Tamo traffic who stuck out his middle finger at all of us runners (I wanted to yell to him: Hey Buddy, you ought to run to relieve all the pent up anger!)

The Last Kilometer

I do remember the 21st kilometer and how, after taking a quick peek at my watch, I realized that while a sub-2 was impossible, a sub-2:05 was well within my reach. So, I sped up, and with Alvin’s friendly coaching: “lean forward”, “breathe!” and “c’mon, you can do it!” I managed to grab a new PR for my half marathon.

I finished at 2:04:27 (official time) with an average pace of 5:54 min/km. And what a pleasant surprise: I ranked 4th place in my age category and top 15 for females in the 21k category! Not bad at all! 

– New PR! Thanks to Alvin (to my left) for the support! Photo courtesy of Emil Ancheta –

The Next 11km

As much as I wanted to pop a wine bottle and celebrate, there was still work to be done. So, I popped open a Gatorade bottle in the car instead, refilled my amphipod with more fluids, and set out to run the next 11km around Bonifacio High Street with Alvin.

If I felt strong and invincible during the Timex Run, I was completely exhausted in the long run. During the short break after the race, I felt like my legs had turned to lead and my tummy was bloated with fluids. The heat was also getting to me. And, as much as I’d hate to admit it, going at a sub-6 pace during the 21k had burnt me out.

Alvin and I ran very slow and easy just to get the mileage in. By this time, the assembly area was nearly empty and there were only a couple of other crazy runners like us who were running under the sweltering sun. We were exhausted and we were counting down to every meter left to run. In all honesty, it felt much tougher than my first accidental QCIM Marathon!

– At Km 31, with Rhei… –

– with Joey… –

– with JJ and Leslie. I was shuffling here as I couldn’t stop for too long lest my legs turn to lead.  Photos courtesy of Rhei –

Thankfully, as we neared Nike Park, Alvin and I heard that little beep from the Garmin marking the end of our 32km run. And what a wonderful sound it was!  32km = DONE! It’s all downhill from now until Singapore!  Woohooo!

Goodbye to the Hassles of Race Registration, Hello Finish Line!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009  |  Race Announcements


No need to go far to register for a race.  No more lengthy registration forms to accomplish.  Finally, we Filipino runners can register for some of our favorite races ONLINE!

How to register for a race:

  1. Click on EVENTS.  You’ll see a list of races.
  2. Click on the race you would like to join.
  3. Accomplish entry form online or download registration form for printing. 
  4. If online, you may pay using either your Credit Card, ATM or G-Cash. 
  5. Upon registration, you will be asked to:
    1. select the Nike Park branch as your designated pick-up point. Race kits will be available at the pick-up point seven (7) days before the race day, or
    2. have the race kit delivered at your doorstep for an additional fee.

Big thank you to Coach Rio de la Cruz and Vince Mendoza for making it more convenient for us runners!