Global City Run Results

Wednesday, 30 April 2008  |  Race Announcements

Thanks to Bald Runner, the Global City Run results are out. Finally! Click here to view it.

The wait was well worth it. I got the surprise of my life when I saw my time for 5k: 26.13 mins. 22nd for females and 162nd overall.

This isn’t a great time compared to all the other faster runners out there. But, I am ecstatic over it because I wasn’t even in race mode! I arrived at the run with the mindset that I would absolutely not run race pace, just 80% effort. While waiting for the gun to fire, I even stayed at the back with hubby without a strategy in mind nor a target time. All I was concerned about was running a wee bit faster to satisfy my race craving.

Oooh, these are exciting times for The Bull Runner…

BUT… and this is a big BUT…I do have my concerns over the accuracy of the results.

I checked out the time of my friend, Annie, who according to race results finished at 18.38 mins. Passing the finish line, Annie recounts that she trailed Jenny Guerrero by a few seconds. My question is: Why are the times of Jenny G. (#30), Annie A. (#31), and Ma. Alice de la Cruz (#32) all the same at 18.38? Race organizers awarded them correctly—Jenny won 3rd place while Annie won 4th—but still the time recorded was inaccurate. How do they time us anyway? Can we trust the next results that come out?