Into the Now

Thursday, 28 March 2013  |  Bullish Insights

Holy Week in Manila is the time when the city falls silent, life slows down, and people take the time out to commemorate the week in the manner in which they know best.

I love the silence.  The stillness.  The peacefulness.  It’s not just about being more spiritual this week.  It’s also about feeling more alive. It’s about slowing down enough to find the beauty in everything…and nothing.


Before dawn, I left the house for a run while the hubby and the kids lay asleep. The city may prefer a slower pace, but I didn’t. I ran fast.

It was the perfect run. The kind that invigorates, refreshes, and makes you smile. The kind of run that exhausts your body but makes you feel more energized. The kind of run you do alone, but leaves you feeling more connected to the world…and to life.

I needed that.

– Cosmo welcomes me home after the run, while the kids still lay fast asleep –


“Just as in running, in meditation we leave behind our daily concerns–the daydreaming, stress, and planning. We become very present. We enter into the now. By doing that, our mind builds strength. Our nervous system begins to relax. We develop appreciation and awareness. Our intelligence and memory becomes sharper. We are able to see the world from more than one perspective.”

Quote taken from Running with the Mind of Meditation by Sakyong Mipham. It’s a book I picked up at Runnr months ago and I finally get to read this week.


Have a blessed Holy Week, everyone!