2009 Nike+ Human Race

Tuesday, 27 October 2009  |  Race Reports


Overall rating (10 highest): 4
Organizer: Eventologists

• Unique concept: to run with the rest of the world.
• Nice shirts. High-quality material, great fit.
• Race started on time.
• Scenic, out-of-town event.
• Nike bags given out after the race.

• Marshals were mostly on bikes only.
• No kilometer markers.
• Lack of water at the station.

Nike calls the Nike+ Human Race “the world’s biggest run” as runners from all over the globe run 10k on the same day. Sadly, the 2009 Nike+ Human Race at Subic International Marathon failed to live up to the hype of the global race and paled in comparison to the spectacular 2008 Nike+ Human Race at McKinley Hill.

Less than 200 runners showed up for the race, which was unexpected for a Nike event, but not too surprising either for an out-of-town race that only offered a 10km race distance and coincided with two other weekend races in Manila. With the limited number of participants, one would think the race organizer could’ve provided runners with a perfectly organized race. Unfortunately, it was quite the opposite.

The course initially took runners through flat roads, but eventually led to a steep and tortuously long uphill climb lasting for about 2.5 kilometers. Disappointingly, after the 5k turnaround, there was no water left at the last station. Marshals were mostly on bikes so they failed to block traffic as runners crossed major intersections heading back to the finish.

The saving grace of this race? Wonderful race shirts provided by Nike, plus a chance to view the Kenyans as they finished their marathon. That’s about it.


I had fond memories of Nike+ Human Race last year. And, the thought of running with the community of runners spanning the globe was a novel idea. So, I was intent on signing up for the Nike+ Human Race this year despite the 3-hour journey from Manila to Clark, the disruption of my training program (I don’t run on Saturdays), and the exhaustion I expected from running 10k that day followed by a 21k at Adidas KOTR the next.

When we arrived at the assembly area in Remy Field, I was surprised to find such a small gathering of runners.  Clad in the red Nike+ Human Race shirts, the runners were in relaxed mode awaiting race start.  I chatted with Nike+ Human Race ambassador, Bards of Banana Running, spotted another ambassador, Lino Cayetano, but failed to see the other three ambassadors.


The race started at exactly 4:30 p.m.  My run was quite the antithesis of the atmosphere of the event. As we rushed out of the track oval and through the flat but busy road, I found myself running in full race mode, not my planned slow 10k. My friend, Alvin, had sent me a commanding text message earlier (in full caps): “EASY PACE ONLY!”, but since Alvin was in distant Manila, he would never know, right?

I had ran this road twice before so it was nothing knew. At around 3km, a man yelled out to me that I was in 5th place, so it gave me an added boost of energy to go faster.

The next portion of the course was a shocker; it was a never-ending uphill climb that left me wishing I had listened to Alvin instead.  But, there was no turning back. I focused on my breathing, took smaller steps, and paid no attention to runners who started walking instead.  It was a long, dreadful, and exhausting climb to the top. What made it worse was I was chasing after the 4th placer!  Shortly before the 5km turnaround, I ran past her. 4th place, baby!

Soon, I rolled down the steep hill I had just climbed. With my paranoia over my old injury, Runner’s Knee, I slowed down and stepped on my inner breaks. By this time, everyone—yes, even those guys who were walking up the hill—were leaving me behind! Grrrrr!  As for that female runner I had worked so hard to overtake up the hill, she swept past me and was gone from my sight in a matter of seconds. Double grrrr!

By the time we reached the flat roads again, I caught sight of female runner again and tried my best to catch up with her.  For the last 2 km until the end of the race at the track oval, I ran close behind her trying to overtake her. I never did. She finished a few meters ahead of me.

I finished the race at 59 mins. Considering how spent I was, I thought I ran it much faster. No worries. I’m just glad I survived the toughest 10k of my entire life.

– with the little Bull Runners –

– Female Kenyan runners gets a well-deserved massage after her marathon –

– Aileen Tolentino, top female Filipino marathon finisher, 3:29:01. Behind her, Mari Javier is all smiles over his new PR, 3:27.   –

– It was nice bumping into Gilbert of Chris Sports and Coach Jim Saret –

Nike+ Human Race Details

Friday, 15 August 2008  |  Race Announcements


All over the world, millions of runners will virtually run together on 08.31.08.  In major cities chosen by Nike, such as L.A., Tokyo and London, there will be Nike+ Human Races where runners can join an official Nike race and run together.  Manila is not one of those cities.

However, Nike Philippines will organize a special race on 08.31.08 to gather all the virtual runners together so they can, in fact, run the full 10k as one.  This will not be an official Nike+ Human Race, therefore one should not expect the same Nike+ Human Race singlets and giveaways given in races across the globe, but it will be a real race, made more exciting and extravagant by Nike Philippines.  

Note: You must have a Nike+ Sportskit or SportsBand to join the race.  You have to log a total of 10km on your Nike+ on 08.31.08.  If it comes out less than 10k, you will not be counted as a finisher.

DATE: August 31, 2008

TIME: Assembly 5:30 A.M., Start 6:00 A.M.

VENUE: McKinley Hill, Bonifacio Global City



WEBSITE:  www.runrio.com, www.nikeplus.com.ph

EMAIL: rio@runrio.com

CONTACT NUMBER: 0906 314 3807 / 0918 985 9211 / (02) 3965170

CONTACT PERSON: Coach Rio de la Cruz


  1. Log on to www.nikeplus.com.ph
  2. Register for the Nike+ Virtual Human Race.  Join TEAM PHILIPPINES.  You may also create your own sub-group under Team Philippines (e.g., Team Ateneo, Team LaSalle, etc.)
  3. Register for the physical race by signing up at Nike Park, Bonifacio High Street.  Claim race kit here.  Registration open from Aug. 18  to 30, 4pm to 9pm only.  Free registration.


  • All finishers will receive Nike Drifit Socks
  • All finishers will receive free photo (1 photographic print 4x6in by Photovendo after the race
  • Exclusive for Nike+ Sport Kit and Nike+ SportsBand users: Sync your run immediately after the race.  Laptops and wifi available.
  • Raffle prizes include a cruise to Palawan.
  • Drinks and food will be served.



  • 1st Place for Male and Female Category: 15,000 Nike GC
  • 2nd Place for Male and Female Category: 10,000 Nike GC
  • 3rd Place for Male and Female Category: 7,000 Nike GC


  • 18 yrs old and below (Male and Female): 3,000 Nike GC
  • 19 – 29 yrs old: 3,000 Nike GC
  • 30 – 39 yrs old: 3,000 Nike GC
  • 40 – 49 yrs old: 3,000 Nike GC
  • 50 above: 3,000 Nike GC

SPECIAL PRIZE: Biggest school delegation: 5,000 Nike GC

Win a Nike+ SportBand – TBR “Race” Details

Monday, 11 August 2008  |  News + Promos


TBR is all set to launch the TBR “Race” series, wherein the winner of each race will be awarded with his/her very own Nike+ SportBand (retail price of P3,195).  


The races will not be actual races (uhm, I don’t have the budget for that), but they will be held on this blog.  You must be fit and fast (actually, only your fingers have to be in tip-top shape) to compete in these races.  Only the top 20 commenters will be eligible to win the prizes.   


  1. TBR will post a fill-in-the-blank sentence (Ex.: My name is _______.)
  2. Runners will fill in the blank and post it in the comments section below (Ex. My name is The Bull Runner.) 
  3. The first 20 runners to post their answers will be eligible to win the raffle for the Nike+ SportBand and discount coupons. 
  4. TBR’s favorite answer (for its humor, creativity, or wit) will receive 4 additional raffle entries regardless of its place in the race.  In other words, that commenter, even if he/she didn’t make it to the Top 20, will automatically be included in the race raffle and gain 4 additional entries.
  5. Race participants may only submit one answer per race.  Runner who submits more than once in one race will automatically be disqualified.  No cheaters allowed here.
  6. Race participants may only win once.  
  7. Raffle will be done under the supervision of a TBR Representative, specifically my little Bull Runners. 
  8. Winners must claim their prizes.  I will not deliver them to you.  Duh.
  9. Runners who join the TBR race must have real and serious intentions of participating in the Nike+ Human Race on 08.31.08 and currently do not have the Nike+ Kit or SportBand.  If you don’t plan to join the Nike+ Human Race, please step aside and give other runners a chance.
  10. TBR reserves the right to change race rules anytime during the course of these races.  


Exact time and date of TBR races will NOT be announced.  I may post more than one race in a day.  Or none at all in 2 days.  I may wake up at 5 a.m.—just like in a real race—to fire the gun and see all participants run off towards the finish.  

Here are the only details I’ll give:

Race No. 1: 1 winner of a Nike+ SportBand

Race No. 2: 1 winner of a Nike+ SportBand

Race No. 3: 1 winner of a Nike+ SportBand

Race No. 4: 1 winner of a Nike+ SportBand

Race No. 5: 1 winner of a Nike+ SportBand

Race No. 6: 10 winners of 20% discount coupon for Nike+ SportBand 

I’ll be posting the 1st race soon.  Lace up your virtual shoes and get ready!