Singapore Marathon, Here I Come!

Thursday, 3 December 2009  |  Bullish Insights

In a couple of minutes, I’ll be packing for Singapore. Hubby and I take the earliest flight out tomorrow morning and head back to Manila Sunday evening. The kids will enjoy a 2-night slumber party at the Grandparents’ with their cousins (so hopefully they don’t even miss us!)

How am I feeling? Excited and Nervous with a capital N. My heart skips a beat when I think of the full marathon, but my palms also get all sweaty and I forget to breathe for a couple of seconds when I think of my knee.

Just a couple of days ago, I felt minor knee pain and some tightness in the ITB, same ol’ injuries that have plagued me whenever I train long and hard.  I have been stressing over it for what feels like a year (when it’s really just been less than 48 hours).  My poor hubby is probably even more anxious as he’ll have to hear about all this on the 3-hour flight tomorrow.

Despite my concerns, I’m trying to stay optimistic.  Happy thoughts! Positive thinking!  Think: light and loose muscles! (A friend says if I think my ITB is tight, they’ll get even tighter!)  I remind myself that I’ve been here before, I’m a fighter, and I’m smart enough to know what provides relief: foam rolling, stretching, and ice on the knee thrice a day. Laugh all you want, but I’ve even been talking to my ITB, begging the muscles to give me a break, while I gingerly massage them with my hands. Tonight, I’ll spare them no mercy; I’ll give them a deep tissue massage and hopefully get them out of my life for good, or at least for the next few days. If all this doesn’t work, then…uhm…I am seriously screwed on race day. Pray for me, will you?

As I’ve said, I’ve got to pack for my first official marathon. Check out my next post on what to pack for a race abroad.

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