Fat Jeans

Thursday, 13 January 2011  |  Bullish Insights

I bought my pair of “fat jeans” in Gap in the U.S. after I realized that wearing my regular jeans from Manila might 1) cut my blood circulation, 2) have my jeans rip apart as I sat on the subway, 3) not allow me to eat any morsel of NYC food, or 4) all of the above.  Ironically, I made the purchase the day after the New York Marathon.  It was evident that the 2,000+ calorie burn from running 42k fell short of all the bagels and pizza I was devouring during the trip.  (Told you runners don’t have the license to eat all we want!)  For what it’s worth, I loved “Fat Jeans” and the freedom it gave me. It allowed me to eat with comfort…and with a little less guilt.

It was back to reality when I arrived in Manila.  I realized that aside from my old pair of jeans, I couldn’t fit into anything in my wardrobe. From running shorts to casual tops, I so badly wanted to believe that everything had shrank!  (We all know the sad truth, don’t we?)  So, Fat Jeans came to my immediate rescue!


I wore my Fat Jeans all through the holidays and as I welcomed the New Year with a plateful of food and a cup of hot chocolate (a better alternative to fire crackers, right?)  My Fat Jeans was my best friend for quite some time until I realized it was time to let it go and get serious.  Since the year started, I have made an extra effort to lose the extra weight from the trip.  I am proud to report that out of the 8 lbs. I gained, I only have a miniscule 2 lbs. to go.  Phew.

This morning, I thought it was time to try fitting my old pair of jeans again. I took a deep breath and nervously yanked one pant leg after another.  It fit!  A little bit too tight on the thighs, but as long as I got in, right?

Beaming with pride, I stepped out of the bathroom with glee and announced to the kids:  “I can fit into my old pair of jeans again!”  Then TBR Jr. replies “It looks like thin jeans!” as Little Miss TBR stared with a wry smile. I asked cheerfully: “Do you mean to say, I look thin in it?”  He answers: “No, I mean it looks too thin for you.  It looks tight…”

Without saying a word, I headed back into the bathroom in search of my old friend to change.  Fat Jeans came to my rescue yet again.

Aaah, 2 more pounds to go to get back to my old weight.  When that happens, I’ll be ready to bid goodbye to Fat Jeans forever.  As the old saying goes: “If you love him, set him free.  If he comes back to you, then you must not be running enough.”