One Fateful Night at Runnr

Thursday, 25 February 2010  |  Bullish Insights

I was at Runnr last night…and so was he. (he…he…he…)

I yearned to meet him, to look into his brown eyes just to say “Hello, would you stop staring at those shoes and give me even a few seconds of your time?” (time…time…time…)

But, shyness overcame me. (me…me…me)

Then Raymund called him. And, we exchanged a few romantic words about compression tights and knee injuries. (ries…ries…ries)

And that was the end of our brief encounter.  I know we shall meet again. If not in this running store in this lifetime, then in the next. We shall meet again. (gain…gain…gain)


– TBR with Jericho Rosales hence the  echo (cho…cho…cho…) above.  Gosh, I look like I’m not breathing. And there’s that awkward distance between us –


– Now that’s much better. Too bad I couldn’t photoshop his arm unto my shoulders too.  Hay, so close, yet so far –