Missing Asian Hospital’s RUNew

Tuesday, 17 February 2009  |  Bullish Insights

After a fairly good 8k Sunday morning run with the hubby, I was psyched.  We had lunch at The Fort Strip and, over lunch, all the positive energy in my body told me that I could join Asian Hospital’s RUNew this coming Sunday.  Since there’s no 10k in the race, we decided that we would run a relaxed 5k + 5k after the race.  Woohoo!

In less than an hour, I was already at  Nike Bonifacio High Street filling up the forms.  That’s when all things turned sour.  On the form, it said the assembly area was McKinley Hill.  On a normal day, that would have added a spark of excitement to the upcoming race.  But, with my ultra sensitive knee, the steep ascents and worse, downhills, would have my kneecap acting up.  I left the store dismayed.  

To make things worse, by the end of the day, my kneecap had flared up again.  Probably my knees way of telling me:  What makes you think you can race already?  Relax.  Be patient.  I’m going to get better soon.  Well, what can I do, I’m bullheaded.