1st Run Green Marathon

Tuesday, 26 January 2010  |  Race Reports

As with everything in every parents’ life, our kids’ needs come before ours. When it comes to running, the same is true.

Last Sunday, I planned on running 35km while hubby’s goal was 20km. Thing is, two weeks ago, our kids expressed interest for the 3k DLSZ run in Ayala Alabang, so the entire family was signed for the 3k run that morning. That meant, 3k race + 32km = 35km for me…oh booooy.


Hubby and I got up at 4:30 am and ran as far as we could with the goal of making it back by 5:30 am. We covered 9km.

Then, I ran back into the house, got both kids dressed and ready, changed into fresh clothes, hydrated, and rushed back out for the race.  (This sounds very simple, but any parent will know that this was easier said than done!)


Runners awaiting the race start. 3k started 15 mins late –

– Little Bull Runners all set for the race. Little Miss Bull Runner was in full running gear…including her Powerpuff Girls headband, bracelet, and ring –

– The key to encouraging kids to run is to get them excited. I announced that each of them could bring their own towel (pink for my daughter, blue for my son), Sports Beans, and water bottles. It worked like magic! –

Hubby ran with my son, while I ran with my daughter. My son was amazing. His improvement from his past races was noticeable: no more whining nor complaining, and he didn’t make a quick dash at the start anymore; he ran and walked at a good pace all throughout.

As for Little Miss Bull Runner, she was quite a comedienne. When the gun was fired, she rushed out so fast, we both almost tripped over a hump.

– Lolo ran with us. So, whenever she spotted him closing in on her from behind, she would speed up. –

All the while she was trying to chase her Kuya up in front. By 1.5km though, she started getting tired. She refused to run and walked all the way, which was fine by me as long as she was having fun.

– Little Miss Bull Runner even asked me to stop and take photos of the flowers along the route. –

– Another request for a photo with flowers. She was obviously having a blast –

– Gatorade break near the finish –

– Little Miss Bull Runner was all smiles despite the exhaustion. Sounds like someone I know –

When we neared the finish line, I told her: “It’s nicer to run when you cross the finish line.” She replied: “But I’m so tired.” I allowed her to walk and just repeated: “It’s just nicer so people see you running when you cross the…” and before I could end my sentence, she had grabbed me by the arm and began to run.

– Happy finish –

– Lolo, hubby, and the kids –

– The family’s 3rd 3k –


After tons of high fives and kisses and a drive through at McDo as the kids’ rewards, hubby and I took them to the in laws and proceeded with our run. We ran together for another 10k under the cloudy skies then hubby headed back home.

By 9:30am, I was alone starting on another loop, hoping to run another 16k. I was enjoying my alone time until the heat started getting more intense. By 10:30am, when I felt like I was being fried (!), I called it a day and finished 8k.

I didn’t make my goal distance of 35k and I was disappointed. My total distance: 30k.

* No race review for 1st Run Green Marathon. I believe I was too busy with the kids to pay attention to major race details.